Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will turns 3! (well, sort of)

Here is a picture of my cute boys!!!

Here is Will's "car cake" created by his daddy

more views of his car cake
Will was determined to watch his Daddy the whole time he was decorating the cake. He would occasionally comment "cool cake Daddy" and then just stare some more..

Morgan is trying to teach him how to peddle his Smart Cycle game thing. He didn't really get it down too well, but the other siblings loved it and played it all day long.

Let me just explain that Will is actually turning 3 on his birthday, which isn't until next Saturday. But since he is young and doesn't really know the difference and we had a lot of family time today..... He had his cake and presents today. It was just a little family thing and Will thought it was WONDERFUL! You will also notice in the pictures that he has a bit of a black eye from getting into a fight with a cushion the night before. How can you get a black eye from a cushion???? Ask Will, he seems to know!!!

We decided to give Will "crazy hair" today to celebrate the oncoming Three's!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ode to the Pukies and the Leakies!

This entry is more of a journal entry than a blog so bear with me.
Will has been sick lately with diahrrea and then the pukies started and then more diahrrea. And I am not talking the occasional, every five-or-so-hours diahrrea. I will give you an example of the diahrrea I am talking about....
Today, I took him to Prescott to see his Pediatrician because I was nervous that he was getting deydrated. He has lost two pounds, but he is not needing to be hospitalized or anything. So, after consulting with Dr. Green we headed over to the Walmart to get all the stuff he talked about in said appointment.
So, the key here is that when Will says "I am poopy" he really means it and you had better change him FAST because this diahrrea stuff is like acid on his bum and stinky to boot. So he tells me that he is poopy and we run and I mean run with me carrying him to the bathroom in the back of Walmart. I change him and even have to change his outfit (I came prepared with three extra outfits), and then I pick him up and put him back in the cart that is right next to my right hip there in the lovely "Family Bathroom". Before I even get him put back into the cart, he yells, "Mom, I am POOPY!" I think that he is just feeling the effects of just being wiped down until I look down at my clothes and the floor. Yup, diahrrea all down my clothes, shoes and onto the floor. So, without grossing you out further, suffice to say, the Walmart trip took a LONG time to finish because of FREQUENT trips to the bathroom. And then he fell over in his seat in the cart asleep because all of this wore him out so much. Poor guy! I feel so sorry for him!
Tomorrow we will do a stool sample and hopefully it won't be salmonella again, arggghhhhh!!!
P.S. I should have done the Poop-A-Thon this week, then I would be rolling in the dough!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

trying to catch up...

A lot has been going on in our life lately and I really need to catch up on all the fun memories, for journaling sake.
First of all, the other day Will had his little buddy Colter over here at the house and they wanted to dress up and "be" those characters all day long. It was really fun to watch them switch costumes and "become" a new character. Some fun characters were the "pirate princess" and "Monkey Batman" among others. So sit back, and enjoy the memories...

Will, Sarah, and Colter in their first costumes...

jumping in their costumes

the monkey goes bananas... notice the banana in his pocket...

He even pushes his truck in costume

Sleepy Time Bear gets in trouble for throwing rocks at the other characters....

Meet MonkeyBatMan....

The Pirate Princess.....nice Will

Mom finally convinces Will to wear a bandana instead of a tiara

Classy, classy, classy

Now I know you all think that I live in the classiest place ever, but this will really solidify it in your mind. This picture was taken at the dodgeball tournament the other night that we were in at the high school gym. And just so you know, yes, it is a shirt!!!

"You need more batteries???"

Will has this thing he does lately that is sooooo cute. Here is an example. Yesterday Morgan had the truck up on a ramp and was changing the oil out in the garage. Will came up, looked at the truck and said, "Oh, it needs more batteries???" Then he saw Morgan laying underneath the truck and said "You need more batteries????" It was sooo funny!

Another cute "battery" story: We were at the gym yesterday working out and in the room that I was in with the kids, there is a panel missing from the ceiling so there is an opening and Will looked up and said, "Oh, it needs more batteries!" The other moms and I got a kick out of that one.

He also asks me sometimes if I "need more batteries" and I would like to know where to find these wonderful energy batteries he is talking about... Any suggestions??

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ladies Night Out!

This past Tuesday night we had a baby shower at the church for a sweet sister in the ward. This is child number eight for her so we were all ready to celebrate! The girls wanted to come and I told them that this was an activity for "Ladies" and if they wanted to come, they would have to dress and behave as such. For the sake of proof, I am showing you these pictures. Will really wanted to go and was even willing to wear a dress if that is what it took. Silly boy! The boys had a manly time here at the house playing "Peggle duel" on the computer..... oooohhhh manly!

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Mom, I need some alcohol!"

Here is how I was awakened this morning by my sweet Sarah.

Sarah: "Mom, I need some alcohol!"

Mom: "what.... alcohol?"

Sarah:"Yeah Mom, my stomach hurts so I need some alcohol!"

Mom:"Am I having a nightmare or something?"

Sarah: "No mom. You know you always give us alcohol when our stomach's hurt!"

Mom, thinking for a minute and then laughing: "Oh, I know now, you want some caffene. I always give you some soda with caffene when you have a stomach ache..."

Moral of this story: If Sarah has told you in the past that her mom gives her "alcohol", you can hang up the phone, don't call CPS, she just means caffene.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The other version of the "Noah's Ark Story"

Now, I know that you have all heard the story about Noah and his Ark, but I don't think you have heard it told by a couple of little boys... So sit back and let me enlighten you...
Will (almost 3-years-old)
Colter (3-years-old)
Mom (30-year-old intruiged mom)

Mom enters room quietly trying not to disrupt the ongoing commentary by Will and Colter regarding Mom's ark on the piano. (sidenote: the kids aren't supposed to touch this lovely ark because it is MY decoration, but come on, a huge boat and lots of animals, hum, that isn't going to last long)... o.k. back to ongoing story...

Mom quietly listenes to the boys telling this story.

Colter holding Noah: " I am Jesus and you need to get on the boat!"

Will holding airplane: "Airplane is giong to crash!!!"

Colter yelling at animals: "Get on the boat!!!"

Will crashing airplane into ark: "Airplane crash on boat. AAAAGGGGG! The animals!!!"

Colter: "Animals, Jesus says jump from the boat!!"

So, this is how the real story goes! And now you can see why the animals are trying to leap from all sides of the boat. Interesting what goes through a little boys head!

Here is the setting of the story... our piano and Noah's Ark sitting unsuspecting on top.

You can see where the airplane crashed and all the animals are in the process of attempting their jumps. I wonder how many will survive?

All we can figure is that this monkey is mad at Noah (Jesus??)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Wiemer

For Christmas this year Grandma and Grandpa Wiemer gave our family a basketball standard. We have had so much fun going ouside and playing as much as possible. Games from my youth such as "Around the World" and "Jump 21" and "Speed". Some of you out there might even know the games I speak of because you are as old as me.... Poor you! He! He

Morgan and I have played shooting games to see who has to change the next stinky diaper and to see who has to get the kids ready for bed... The possibilities are endless, it is our way of gambling and the stakes are high... We love it!!!!

The kids will also start playing basketball this Saturday at the high school gym. They signed up for a 2 month basketball club thing and they are excited.

Playing "Around the World"

Cassidy holding her head so that the ball won't hit her (this happens frequently)

Cute story: Morgan went on line and made the exact measurements for a free throw line and a three point line just to surprize me. What a sweetie!

Monday, January 5, 2009

No worse for the Wear

On December 30th, Morgan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary and might I say, it has been a wonderful 11 years!

I am posting a pictures of "Mad Dog"', a stuffed dog that Morgan gave to be when I was sick before we got married. It shows that after 11 years and lots of love (I sleep with him every night, Mad Dog and Morgan that is), he and our marriage is still going strong. Now, luckily you can't see the "before" shot of him in his youth. He was a wonderfully fluffy dog and Morgan had even made a paper stethascope to go around him. He may be saggy in places, but aren't we all! He knows that he is loved! Also, I am putting a picture of Morgan celebrating 11 wonderful years! (Actually this picture was taken a couple of days before our anniversary when Morgan was about to perform his fourth wedding as Bishop). Still, the sentiments ring true!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A view of Bagdad

Here are Cassidy and Sarah watching the sunset at one of our favorite spots here in Bagdad. It is a bench that someone put at the top of the hill above our house and it overlooks the whole town/city/village. We love going up there. And as a sidenote: this is also where Cassidy buried her parakeet, Explorer, when she died. Morgan had a ceremony and everything and now there is a rock memorial that Cassidy visits often. As another sidenote: when Cassidy's bird died, I came to her and said, "Don't worry honey, Explorer didn't die from lack of love." She instantly responded "No, she didn't die from lack of love, she died from lack of water." Well put Cassidy, well put!