Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"You need more batteries???"

Will has this thing he does lately that is sooooo cute. Here is an example. Yesterday Morgan had the truck up on a ramp and was changing the oil out in the garage. Will came up, looked at the truck and said, "Oh, it needs more batteries???" Then he saw Morgan laying underneath the truck and said "You need more batteries????" It was sooo funny!

Another cute "battery" story: We were at the gym yesterday working out and in the room that I was in with the kids, there is a panel missing from the ceiling so there is an opening and Will looked up and said, "Oh, it needs more batteries!" The other moms and I got a kick out of that one.

He also asks me sometimes if I "need more batteries" and I would like to know where to find these wonderful energy batteries he is talking about... Any suggestions??

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bek said...

when you find out the source of the mommy batteries, be sure to let me know! i'm sure the bishop could use more batteries, too. at least rechargable ones!