Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's time to post some recent pictures

I have fallen off the "blogging wagon" lately and I hope to do better in the future. A couple of weeks ago before church I took some pictures of the kids. Before church seems to be the only time they are "all put together". For example, Will has pants on and that is a good thing! And the kids have combed hair and the pictures are even pre-grass stains, which they seem to get after church out front. So ladies and gentlemen... this is as clean as they get, so enjoy it!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surf City, here we come!!! Day 4

Day 4 found us back on the beach in the sun again. But never fear, we did learn something! Cassidy wore a shirt over her swim suit and the others covered up pretty good as well. We did a lot of hanging out in the waves and the kids loved going out into the waves holding daddy's hand. I, on the other hand, made Morgan teach me how to "dive through a wave" and even after some really good instructions on his part, I was still practically drowning most of the time. Land is my best option, I suppose!!

Sarah loved finding little crabs... she is all about the animals!

Will, hanging out in his life jacket.

A daddy and his precious girls!

We did a lot of hanging out by the cooler eating our subs and getting sand in all the food. But, everyone loves a "SANDwhich"! (sorry, had to throw that in there).

These two where ALWAYS in the waves!

Cassidy is catching a wave on her boogey board! She has some water skills!!

Here is a crazy boy and one beautiful sunset the day before we left.

And one beautiful girl posing in front of a beautiful sunset... A whole lot of beautiful going on!!

And this finishes up our trip... This is us the next day visiting Grandma Frazier on the way home.... (We went out to lunch at the In-N-Out Burger by her house.) Do you want to drive in a car with this cranky 10-year-old???? Me Neither!!! He!he! Maybe it is because we told her that she had to do her homework in the car the whole way home....Yea, it was probably that!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surf City, here we come!!! Day 3

We woke up the 3rd day sunburned and tight skinned from our previous salt water day. So we decide that we can't hit the beach all day without extreme pain and to make matters worse, Lund's eyes are so red he can't open them up in the sunlight. We tell him that he has to wear sunglasses all day, inside or out and we start sticking eye drops in his poor red eyes. So we head over to a Science Museum in the OC (Orange County) and have a ton of fun!

Of course we start the day off with S'mores! There is never a wrong time for S'mores!

Will wanted to roast his own marshmallows!
Fishing at the museum
Cassidy and Ray Charles!

A hockey simulator that was lots of fun. They were learning the "science of sports"
Lund took his turn at being a goalie while the wall shot pucks at him!
My boys working on a science experiment
Will testing out the germs at the museum

Lund laying on a bed of nails! Comfy, but weird!
My family inside a dinosaur!
Morgan in the "hurricane tunnel"
Cassidy was a little more leary in the "hurricane tunnel"

Will walking through a tornado
Cassidy braves the tornado

Sarah is a little nervous to walk through a tornado.

Morgan's body pressed up against a giant "pin wall". What a goof!

All of our hands in the pin wall.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Surf City, here we come!!! Day 2 part 2

Well, I had to break the second day into two parts, because after our wonderful trip to the Krispy Kreme, we came back and hit the beach for the rest of the day. Will became our "Beach Cowboy" as he ran around with my sun hat, pretending to be a cowboy. The kids braved the waves and boogey boarded their hearts out. And boy, did we get sunburned!!! Even with our 50SPF sunscreen, the sun was too much... so stay tuned to see whan we did with our burned bodies on the 3rd day! Lund hitting the waves with his boogey board
Me, after wiping out multiple times with that silly skim board!

The boys in the bright sunshine!

Will's favorite things that day, his "cowboy hat" and his Tonka truck!

My cute little man in the hole he dug for himself!
Oh, to be free and carefree like a three-year-old Beach Cowboy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surf City, here we come!!! Day 2

Day Two finds us having some fun by running into the city right next to us (San Clemente), and stopping at the Krispy Kreme. We went to town to get a skim board 'cause my little sister told us that they are all the rage! Turns out, I STINK!!! But that is no new revelation, cause I stink at Boogey Boarding too. I think my athletic abilities are tied to the land and become obsolete in the ocean!

I like this picture because it looks like Will is literally trying to climb into the donut macine!! i don't blame him!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surf city, here we come!!!! Day 1

We just got back from our first ever camping trip on the beach, and we had the time of our lives!!!! Since I can't capture it all in one blog entry, I will do a play by play or rather a day by day entry to share it all with you!
We got to our camp spot in the evening on Monday, but the kids were still dying to see the ocean since it was just down the trail... right at their fingertips! So we went down and saw the ocean and they all fell in love!!!

They seemed to be waiting for sea shells to just "appear"

Will had an army shovel that he had with him the WHOLE week, dragging behind him, or digging holes, or carrying Hot Wheels.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

When we're Helping we're Happy and we sing as we go cause we love to help mother cause we love to waste all the paper towels and lots of cocoa!

Will loves to help around the house and sometimes he is a wonderful helper who hands us blocks while we make a tall tower or likes to pick up rocks in the back of his dump truck to move them for us. Then there are the other times, when I am sure his intentions are great and wonderful, but he lacks in the area of execution. As you can see in these pictures, he decided to help me clean the windows with the help of a billion paper towels. And then later that same night (he was on a roll), he decided to help make some brownies. And by help, I mean that he picked up my bag of cocoa which contains about a year supply of the blessed stuff and he dumped in on the floor. And then for some unknown reason, he danced in the fallen cocoa and then ran down the hall to get away from me... the hall with white carpet! Making beautiful brown footprints all the while! Gotta love it!!!!

This makes it look like it wasn't that much cocoa, but it was truly a "mountain" of cocoa!

trying to bathe him after the "cocoa incident"