Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My early Christmas Present!

I am excited to report that my Christmas gift came a little bit early this year. It came in the form of another wonderful miracle!
  1.message provided from my point of view.
  2. I may have forgotten a few or lots of things.

      I had a PET scan last week to show what had been changing since the last PET in March. Morgan and I had been getting really stressed out because we had just received 8 months of miracles. Since starting Affinitor last May, I was able to "be a mom" meaning I was able to finally keep up with my kids and their activities. (with naps during the day when they are away at school). The side effects have been mild enough that I can basically "have a life".  We knew that this was a miracle and we were getting nervous that our "miraculous gift" was coming to a close.  Don't get me wrong, I am in no way begrudging the miracles that were ever present in our family, Morgan and I were just getting worried that it would be selfish to ask the Lord for more. Also, we had just been at one of my friends' funerals the weekend before. Another wonderful fighter, who I had seen in the Mesa Temple a mere six months ago. At the time, she was doing great and we shared many smiles and laughs.
 But such is the world of cancer, especially "stage 4" (advanced cancer). I love all my breast cancer fighting sisters, but sometimes there are too many invites to funerals and it gets hard. Maybe I should find a new group of friends! he he! Nah, then I would miss their strength and compassion.
   So on Monday we entered MD Anderson with interpretation. My support team was my best friend who just happens to be my husband, and a mother from each side. Also entering the treatment center with us, were hundreds of prayers said on my behalf, various requests from multiple Temples, and a constant prayer that kept getting stuck in my ever tightening throat.
  After waiting in the waiting room and then waiting in the procedure room, we were about to burst when a short, adorable, red head walked in the door and calmly reported upon entrance, "The results were wonderful, better than I had expected." Everything in the room came to a halt and we tried to quickly digest the powerful message that had been so casually delivered. Finally I shouted, "Dr C., you have to dance! We have talked about this. When you have news like this you have to dance upon entering the room."  She instantly responded, "I don't dance."   As the mothers hounded her for news I said quietly to myself, "Just a little shuffle would do. It would have looked like a little leprechaun was dancing in with wonderful news."  hummmphhh

1.  In layman's terms, the scan reported that the tumors were shrinking and even disappearing. For instance, the huge tumor in my abdomen that kept me in the hospital for a week last year due to intense pain, was now gone, ....g..o...n...e..!!!!
2.  Now we say our prayers of gratitude for a Savior that saw fit to keep me here on this mortal visage for a little bit longer. Please don't forget the reason that we have this season of peace and love!