Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus is magic!

                     This is the scene I woke up to after taking my beloved Sunday afternoon nap:

Olympics blaring in the background and this monkey yells out to me (from the window sill), "YOU KNOW JESUS HAS MAGIC?!" This captures my full attention (unlike my 12-year old son who much preferred Women's Sand Volleyball...hummmm)
I decided to find out more so I inquired further, "Tell me about that Will....and Lund, change the channel, watching ladies run around in bikinis isn't exactly supporting the United States Olympic team"

My head turns back to Will as he casually jumps off the window sill, while bopping the cat on the head with the window cord on the way down, and replies..."Yea Mom, he has magic to make the prayers we say happen someday."    And off he goes sliding across the tile in his wet? socks.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Milestone of Aaronic Perportions

I know I have been gone for about a million blog years, but I fear I do not regret my absence at all. Why? BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY HAVING THE BEST SUMMER OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

I am starting this off with a picture of my handsome 12-year-old son who just received the Aaronic Priesthood this past Sunday. In our church, when a boy is worthy and has reached the age of 12-years, he is able to receive the Priesthood. "Priesthood" basically means to act for our Heavenly Father here upon the Earth. These valiant young men pass the Sacrament on Sundays to the congregation standing in for the Savior, and have many more responsibilities as well.  Needless to say, Morgan and I have been dreaming of this day for sometime and are immensely proud of Lund and the choices he has made to get him where he is today.
Can you tell that I am a weee bit excited?!
And this two must have planned this... But alas, it was just a beautiful coincidence!

 Seriously, Grandmas must be so in tune with their grandsons! Yet, another coincidence of outfits that ties them together. (Oh Ruth, I made a pun!)
  The Priesthood Men! Grandpa Wiemer, Lund R. Johnson, Morgan Johnson, and Lund M. Johnson
 The handsome chaps in our backyard right before heading to church.
Such a happy group of loving supporters! It was the best Priesthood Ordination that I have EVER been to! The Spirit was so strong in the room that keeping our eyes dry was not an option. Tim Udall, a 12-year-old boy in the ward with Downs Syndrome was sitting right next to me and when the Spirit was really strong, he would lean over to me and give me a HUGE hug!
  I am proud of all my children equally, but on this day we had a chance to recognize Lund and the man he has become.
Of note: Lund is the 1st grandson on the Johnson side to hold the Priesthood and the 2nd Wiemer grandson. So he is a pioneer in his own rite.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bomb of Joy

Today I am going to focus on my adorable, creative, inventive, and sometimes crazy 6-year-old son, Will.

Will speaks his mind in his own unique way, and so I decided to start writing down some of my favorites. Here are a few from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

"All igloos have engines"
"America needs more ninjas. I think we have only 3."
"Girls can still have mustaches"
"This lady must be rich! I know because this is an air bed and they cost 50,000 dollars."
"The chair made me fall"
"Where's the time machine?"
"I can eat through bones, but not human bones because there is a poison inside human bones"
"I think I am eating person ribs"
"Don't take rib pictures of me!"
"Dad, you are three dollars"
"I eat more than 6 feet of food everyday!"
"I don't want to get married"
After missing his chair...."Why are bad things happening to me today?"
Will came in from the backyard where he and his siblings were playing and angrily replied, "That is not fair!!! They are having 100 pieces of fun and I am having 0 pieces of fun! "

And my very favorite...........
Out of the blue, Will popped off the couch in an explosive fashion and proclaimed....

Thank you Will for your profound words.
May we all have a "bomb of joy" today and 100 pieces of fun!