Monday, July 2, 2012

Bomb of Joy

Today I am going to focus on my adorable, creative, inventive, and sometimes crazy 6-year-old son, Will.

Will speaks his mind in his own unique way, and so I decided to start writing down some of my favorites. Here are a few from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

"All igloos have engines"
"America needs more ninjas. I think we have only 3."
"Girls can still have mustaches"
"This lady must be rich! I know because this is an air bed and they cost 50,000 dollars."
"The chair made me fall"
"Where's the time machine?"
"I can eat through bones, but not human bones because there is a poison inside human bones"
"I think I am eating person ribs"
"Don't take rib pictures of me!"
"Dad, you are three dollars"
"I eat more than 6 feet of food everyday!"
"I don't want to get married"
After missing his chair...."Why are bad things happening to me today?"
Will came in from the backyard where he and his siblings were playing and angrily replied, "That is not fair!!! They are having 100 pieces of fun and I am having 0 pieces of fun! "

And my very favorite...........
Out of the blue, Will popped off the couch in an explosive fashion and proclaimed....

Thank you Will for your profound words.
May we all have a "bomb of joy" today and 100 pieces of fun!


LUND said...

Profound and unique is Will. He is fun to talk with.
Grama Karen

Team Despain said...

Yep, that's Will! I love that kid and having him in my primary class! He always has fun things to say for sure.

Farr Family said...

I just love Will and I have never met him. He is awesome!! I love your family picture at the top! Much love- Auntie Kimberly

clarisa said...

Love it!