Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy!

Will had his cowboy sing-a-long performance last night for preschool. I have known about it for a while, so I always ask him to sing me a cowboy song or tell me what he is learning. He just shrugs his shoulders and says, "Nuthin".  So, we were a bit anxious about what was going to happen at the performance.
But alas, there is a little performer buried deep inside him! He sang every song, was very serious and also felt that he was the official waver after every song. I LOVED the performance!!!!! Thank you Mrs. U. and all your helpers for making this happen. It makes me realize that Will is learning, "somepin"!

 Oh yeah, my job is to wave after every single song..... Isn't he one adorable cowboy?!
                          he even knew all the actions.... I was an impressed mom!
                               A serious, concentrating Will
                           Waving, yet again, after the song...
  He's the tall one in the denim shirt in the back row...
 Here is our row of supporters.... Gramma Karen and the kids and I and Morgan with the camera. I was too tired to run around snapping photos. Thanks Morgan for being the photo dad!
 Here is Will with all of his "cowboy stuff" from his class!! Definitely a wonderful evening!!
What is this picture you ask???? When we got home there was a note on the door from Will's primary teacher to call him back so he could bring over Will's treat for being the most reverent on Sunday. He came by and said, " I looked everywhere, I hope this is what he wanted. When I asked Will on Sunday what treat he wanted he said Potato Skins. I searched everywhere and found these." he he he I can't believe Will asked for Potato Skins, and I feel bad that the poor primary teacher had to search everywhere to find them. (Next time, just keep a piece of candy in your pocket, it works everytime, and saves a lot of work. he he he)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A fishing we will go....

Here at the Johnson house, we "fish" for our Easter baskets each year. A tradition that Morgan's family has been doing for years. It is a whole lot of fun and this was the 1st year in our new house. I am sure we will have many years to come fishing over this bannister!
 Here it is all set up. Now we just have to wait for the Easter Fish to arrive from the lake behind our house...
                                             Will was really excited to go first and his brother helped him move the pole.
 Cassidy says you are never too old for Easter Fish!! I agree!
 I love it when they help each other!!!
 And of course, Sarah was all smiles after getting her loot!!!
.Here is what I got in my basket..... Kosher salt?! Morgan claims it is because he is a saltwater fish. What a goof!!!!

Easter Brunch at Aunt Leesha's house....otherwise known as yummy, yummy with a side of yummy!

On Good Friday, we met at my sister's house and she hosted a brunch to die for. The menu included Creme' Brule' french toast with toasted caramelized pecans!!! Oh, this reminiscing is making me hungry!!!! Needless to say we had food, fun, and family memories. Thanks Leesh for being the hostess with the mostest!!!
I was sooo proud that my little boy still brings me flowers!!!
And this is the first "bald" picture ever taken. Lund had enough hair for both of us as he was desperately in need of getting rid of his Ralph Machio do.

And I could sit and watch this little girl forever. She is such a good baby and loves to sit in her Bumbo and just smile at everyone... Love you Raelynn!
And these two beauties are my younger sister and my niece. Kayla, who is closest to the camera is probably about 5'9 and just keeps going. It helps because she is a diehard volleyball girl!!!

And if you can't find Will, his favorite spot is his nieces, french store room. He loves to go in there and pretend it is his little domain.
Here are all the crashing kids downstairs...

And if you can't find Brody, watch out! He is probably in his cousin's indoor treehouse getting ready to protect the fort!!

Whose taller?? Also known as... has Ryan finally caught up with dad.. you decide.

I just thought we needed this documented, (especially since Ryan just keeps stretching).....
Who is taller? Now Dad is employing the "chicken arms" because he claims they make him taller....
 But, without the help of the chicken arms, I think they have pretty much evened out in life!!
But alas, I think my Johnson man and his father might have an inch or two on them still.  Aren't these some handsome men.... Left to right: My dad and grandfather Keith, Ryan, Papa Lund, and Daddy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Hunting Ryan-style....

Here is my younger brother, Ryan, getting ready to record the Easter festivities. All of these pictures are taken from Ryan's perspective. So here is Easter via Ryan....
He is sitting here pondering how many crazy kids are just about to run amuck and wishing he was back in his quiet apartment in Provo. he he he. Not really, he was up for the challenge!!!
 Lund wasn't thrilled they had to run around in their church clothes since we took pictures right afterwards. But they survived...
  Brody finding one in the garden. I just LOVE Morgan's garden!
 Brody was just the right age for the full extent of joy that comes with Easter egg hunting....
 he sure is one adorable kiddo!!
 Will was pretty awesome this year too. 
 And here are some of the real beautiful moments!!! My older sister with neice, Raelynn.
 And if you throw in a bunny, Sarah is entertained FOREVER!!

 Lund was brave...... he loved the bunny running on him..
Brody was pretending to be a bunny himself.
Thank you Ryan for capturing these beautiful moments!!! Now you can relax in peace. Oh wait, your new semester at BYU has already started. No peace for you!!! Love ya Bud!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A VERY horrible secret!!!!!

When I married my husband I was MADLY in love!!!!!!!!  Morgan was handsome, nice, sweet, and every other good quality I could think of at the time. As the years went by, I learned some dirty secrets.... he was even better than I had assumed!! If the dryer was broken, he would just open it up and fix it. If the newborn babies needed to be bundled up, you couldn't find a better baby burrito maker anywhere. And then he started BBQing and cooking.... to die for!!!!! Oh yes, the dirty secrets were all coming out.......
When I was diagnosed with cancer, the horrible truth was right in front of me........... I have the most compassionate husband in the whole world!!!!!!!! He is by far the best caregiver/companion/best friend I could have ever asked for and I just wanted to share this horrible secret with everyone of you!!! He he
Case in point: I haven't been wanting to leave the house due to the way I look lately and Morgan did something wonderful for me on Saturday. He told me to get dressed up really fancy and he took me to a pedicure and onto the most expensive, fancy dinner I have ever been to in my life!! He took me to Fogo de Caio, a brazillian BBQ in Scottsdale with a reservation and everything...

 And I am still thinking that he is the most handsome man in the world!!! I have been making him keep his handsome beard lately because I love it so much!!

 At Fogo de Caio, they bring you 15 different types of meats and keep serving you until you tell them to stop.
The waiter snapped a picture of us before we left. Aren't we the lovely couple?!!!
Another case in point: When I lost my hair last week, Morgan bought me "Hair Bear". Here is "Hair Bear" consoling a sick SaraBear who threw up all last night after eating an egg that we assumed had gone bad.
Now the dirty secret is out:::: My husband is the best man in the world!!!