Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Hunting Ryan-style....

Here is my younger brother, Ryan, getting ready to record the Easter festivities. All of these pictures are taken from Ryan's perspective. So here is Easter via Ryan....
He is sitting here pondering how many crazy kids are just about to run amuck and wishing he was back in his quiet apartment in Provo. he he he. Not really, he was up for the challenge!!!
 Lund wasn't thrilled they had to run around in their church clothes since we took pictures right afterwards. But they survived...
  Brody finding one in the garden. I just LOVE Morgan's garden!
 Brody was just the right age for the full extent of joy that comes with Easter egg hunting....
 he sure is one adorable kiddo!!
 Will was pretty awesome this year too. 
 And here are some of the real beautiful moments!!! My older sister with neice, Raelynn.
 And if you throw in a bunny, Sarah is entertained FOREVER!!

 Lund was brave...... he loved the bunny running on him..
Brody was pretending to be a bunny himself.
Thank you Ryan for capturing these beautiful moments!!! Now you can relax in peace. Oh wait, your new semester at BYU has already started. No peace for you!!! Love ya Bud!

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