Thursday, February 27, 2014

My baby turned 8

That’s right, numero cuatro turned ocho!!! My Espanol has improved mucho!!

All right, I will return to the regularly scheduled language.


What a happy day it was! Will had turned 8 just the day prior, and now it was Baptism Day! We had gone over everything with him,


But he still needed a little reassuring from his loving Aunt Alisha. Aren’t aunts great?


After the baptism he was A LOT more sure of everything and picture taking was just fine!


Here he is hanging out with cooper and his cousin, Kade.


Kayla, the eldest cousin made her appearance (beautiful once again!) And my boys jumped in as well, even though Lund didn’t know about the photo bomb in progress. 


Grandma Johnson, and even Juliet made her way all the way from Oregon.

DSC_0114The Bishop was there with his wife and grandson.

DSC_0121Missy Hawkins with her newborn daughter.

DSC_0127Pam and Grant Fisher, helping as always.


And that is how it was. A glorious day to watch Will covenant with his Heavenly Father, his very first covenant and now he can sing the song, “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

January in the Johnson house, both versions…

The Party Version! 
                                          January started out like a party waiting to be exploded!

And party we did......skiiball betts and bowling dancing.

And it looks like Will grabbed a cigarette and started shooting it up(sucker in mouth?)
DSC_0034Everyone (except Cassidy who was reading)
DSC_0060butterflies and lovely times!DSC_0058awwwwww! how cute!

And then entered the evil January ..................... The stomach flu, not just the regular flu, the one that can devastate a whole household in a few days. I had to run to my parents house and hide for a couple of days till that flu wore off. And then the cough hit the fam.......started as a nice light cough and ended up with pneumonia in mom that has hung around till blew past 2 antibiotics without even a wink.    Can we all say goodbye Janurary!!!!!!!!