Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Little Guy is 9----Inconcievable!!! (Stolen from Princess Bride)

This is how I remember him most... two-years-old and ALWAYS in the ER for some silly stunt he pulled.... wow, I am glad that is over!

Lund turned 9 yesterday and I am still wondering where all those years went... it just seems like yesterday when he was born.... and then this....

We made his cake out of Drumsticks and Dibs just like he wanted! (it was way easier to make than a homemade cake!)
Each of his siblings got to spend 5.00 on him at Bashas here in town. They had so much fun selecting which overly-priced gift to give him!!! Gotta love that Bashas!!!

Then his Bagdad grandparents came over and gave him some great golf supplies to go with the present that we got him this year--- A junior golf set! He has been wanting one for sooooo long and today Morgan is going to get off work early to take him out with his new set. I will have to post a picture of the new golf set once it arrives via UPS today....

If you need me, I will be on my boat!

Enough Said... see you on the high seas of insanity!

p.s. if your wondering why I made this boat??? I am wondering that too!!! It was an example pirate ship for our pack meeting and the directions on the pre-packaged, all ready to go pirate ship kits I bought said "Very easy, simple project!" (Maybe if you work for NASA). After two hours of re-drilling out the holes to fit better and lots of yelling and breaking of dowels, this is what I completed... the S.S. Insanity..

p.s.s. we didn't end up doing this for our pack meeting on Tuesday night, instead I felt that everyone needed to experience the insanity for themselves so I gave each boy a pre-packaged, ready to go pirate ship and said... "Have fun!!!!" he! he! I can't wait until the parents start calling me with hate calls.... I will just tell them it builds character or something...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my! Actually, just wolves and bears in this story..

Tonight Lund was awarded his Wolf badge at Pack meeting. He completed all his requirements for his Wolf badge and even did 40 of his electives so I was quite pleased with him. O.k. so I did push him a bit cause I am his den leader...o.k. a lot...
For his little ceremony, we brought in a "real wild wolf" (Brody) dressed with a Bear neckerchief around his neck and if Lund wanted to become a Bear, he had to wrestle the neckerchief off of Brody. It was very cute and Brody made a great wild wolf....

First he wrestles with him....

Then he decides to give the "wild wolf" some lovin'

And finally, he wrangles off the neckerchief....

Next, he gets his Bear neckerchief presented by his Grandpa Thor (his wonderful surrogate grandfather who means a lot to him)

This proves that my boy is silly even when being presented an award... what a goof!

And here is one proud momma/den leader!

Do you like our ears of corn???!!

We are growing corn in our garden this year and I am really, really, really excited because I LOVE fresh corn on the cob. We had our first batch of corn at dinner tonight and it was the BEST corn that I have ever had! The kids really got into it, and by kids, I mean Morgan too as you can see by the pictures!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where oh Where has my little dog gone... where oh where can he be??

Yesterday afternoon, we thought Will was asleep in his bedroom, and when we went to go check on him.... he was gone!!!! We looked EVERYWHERE and had the whole family combing the area. Then as I went through the backyard looking for him, I decided to go and check in the doghouse and there he was, asleep in the doghouse. Go figure!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our "New Blue Race car"

Do you like our new car???????

o.k. so the motorcycle was a joke.... I am NOT a fan of motorcycles! We had a familty in the ward over for dinner on Sunday night at their dad drives a motorcycle. Will was in heaven!!!
On the other hand, this is actually our new vehicle.. it is a 2007 Chrysler Aspen and I LOVE it!!! It seats seven and is huge and comfortable. We got such an awesome price by using craigslist this time. It was a lot of phone work for Morgan, but well worth it in the end. We are pleased with our purchase! The reason we had to get a new vehicle is because Morgan's work bought back the Nissan Titan that he used to drive because they are doing away with their "truck program". We were just glad that the company paid it off and we could start over from scratch. Now we have two "family" cars... the Pilot seats eight and the Aspen seats seven. Don't get any ideas though..... I am NOT having fifteen children!!!!
p.s. the reason I called it a "blue race car" is because Will's friend, Colter, said... "you got a new blue race car??? Can I go for a ride in it???" I thought it was great that he called my huge family car a "race car". I feel younger already!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Health Insurance companies must battle to see who gets to cover the Johnson family....

As I went outside yesterday to see what the kids were up to, I decided something.... Insurance companies must love our family! Just think of how much extra money they make off our visits to ERs and doctors due to our childrens "creativity". I will put a disclaimer on this post: the first idea shown, the one with the metal slide and the swimming pool, was actually MY idea. I am a bit emarrassed about that, but when I was standing in front of the display of pools at Walmart, it seemed like such an ingenous idea! Then, as I watched them, soaking wet, trying to climb the slippery metal ladder, I reconsidered my ingenous idea....... not too smart....

this was the next "awesome" idea.... put the swimming pool on the trampolene to maximize injuries!

Oh look: Cassidy is about to jump on her brothers head!

Will cries for his mom, (as usual), I am his security blanket.

Kids are really flexible...... luckily!