Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our "New Blue Race car"

Do you like our new car???????

o.k. so the motorcycle was a joke.... I am NOT a fan of motorcycles! We had a familty in the ward over for dinner on Sunday night at their dad drives a motorcycle. Will was in heaven!!!
On the other hand, this is actually our new vehicle.. it is a 2007 Chrysler Aspen and I LOVE it!!! It seats seven and is huge and comfortable. We got such an awesome price by using craigslist this time. It was a lot of phone work for Morgan, but well worth it in the end. We are pleased with our purchase! The reason we had to get a new vehicle is because Morgan's work bought back the Nissan Titan that he used to drive because they are doing away with their "truck program". We were just glad that the company paid it off and we could start over from scratch. Now we have two "family" cars... the Pilot seats eight and the Aspen seats seven. Don't get any ideas though..... I am NOT having fifteen children!!!!
p.s. the reason I called it a "blue race car" is because Will's friend, Colter, said... "you got a new blue race car??? Can I go for a ride in it???" I thought it was great that he called my huge family car a "race car". I feel younger already!!!


Sassy Blogger said... that a Pilot '09??? Thats what we go too, you copy cats! (kidding!!) haha i LOVE your family!!! Your all TOOO CUTE!!! i love your Sara bear!

Christa Johnson said...

nope, it isn't a pilot... it is a Chrysler Aspen, but we do still have our 2004 Pilot... which we also love!

Kim Betts said...

I want a pilot my Altima is officially too small. :(