Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No School Today…

Our family, like many others across the United States, proudly celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. today. And how did we celebrate…with huge yummy waffles for breakfast and time with our family and being outside of course.

I want to show you the different styles of boys I have..

Exhibit #1


Will is pictured here as “Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2”.

Today Will celebrated every single moment by doing things every single moment. He rode his bike, he did basketball drills with mom and more drills, he played with his friends out front, he jumped, and even went down the hill in our backyard in a tupperware. He crashed pretty hard doing that and when his friend yelled down the hill, “Will, are you okay?” All you could see was a turned tupperware, whole lot of dust and an arm sticking straight up with a thumbs up sign. He He He!

Exhibit #2


But he didn’t get all those bandaids from sliding precariously down the hill. Nay, he waited until the late afternoon, using up the last of his energy. He “climbed really high” in the neighbor’s tree and fell……all……the…..way…………down!

Our close neighbor and friend was outside watching the kids play and he carried Will over like a precious sack of potatoes and put him on our “operation table” (the island in the kitchen) and we began to bandage. I say we, but Cassidy did most of the work. She played a great nurse and then we told him he needed to take a break from being  himself and put on one of his favorite shows, “Mythbusters” and then he was A-okay.

His only comments about the adventure were, “I wish I had been lower when I fell” and “I was trying to enjoy every minute of the day and I even had a bit of fun falling!” He proclaimed the latter response as he soaked in mom and dad’s huge tub and we took off all the band-aide’s, underwater, of course!


Exhibit #3


Exhibit #4


Whereas, my 12-year-old son, Lund, bought himself a “Rubex cube” on Friday evening and practiced and studied until he can now completely finish a Rubex cube in 4min and 52seconds. He even checked out a book at the library and when I asked him about it, he simply replied, “Algorithms mom….It’s all about the algorithms.” I responded that his mother had no clue what he was talking about, but would cheer him on anyway.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wonderboy vs. Manly Beard


DSC_0653Will decides to make a snowball, and his father looks on, smiling…

DSC_0654 Oh, how adorable it is that my young son thinks he can hit his father”

DSC_0655“But wait, I am aghast!!!! Did he hit me?!!!!!


“Ewwwwww, ewwwwweeeyyyy! I am afraid of snow!!!!! Even as manly as I am with my full manly beard!”



As we return to our hero, he knows he better run and fast!


Run Wonderboy!!! Will there be another Wonderboy episode if Manly Beard catches him?….. Stay tuned for more shinanigans and snow…