Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wonderboy vs. Manly Beard


DSC_0653Will decides to make a snowball, and his father looks on, smiling…

DSC_0654 Oh, how adorable it is that my young son thinks he can hit his father”

DSC_0655“But wait, I am aghast!!!! Did he hit me?!!!!!


“Ewwwwww, ewwwwweeeyyyy! I am afraid of snow!!!!! Even as manly as I am with my full manly beard!”



As we return to our hero, he knows he better run and fast!


Run Wonderboy!!! Will there be another Wonderboy episode if Manly Beard catches him?….. Stay tuned for more shinanigans and snow…


LUND said...

FINALLY ANOTHER POSTING ---- yea, so glad, unless it means you did not sleep at night and so spent the evening posting on your blog.
Love the Pictures and Action shots.

clarisa said...