Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mermaid Mania

Careful: mermaid mania is contagious around these parts!


Sarah (10 years old), saw a tutorial on youtube about how you can actually make a real, working mermaid tail! She and her friends and even her older sister have been watching a show called H2o where the characters turn into mermaids if they get wet. Plus, the characters all have amazing Australian accents so that is a plus too!


So Sarah starting laying out her plans. She drew out what she needed, she did money chores and she kept dreaming. She didn’t give up but the monofin was last to purchase and it was just right there, out of her reach. As I was doing laundry that day I noticed a box I was supposed to return from Sarah’s birthday. I had an idea: I asked Sarah if she would rather have a new pair of rollerblades or just the money back so she could afford her monofin. She jumped up and down with glee!!!!


After waiting a torturous 5 days for the monofin to come in the mail, she was ready to get sewing. Lucky little gal even got 40% off her fabric,, which is huge when the special fabric she used  is 17.99 a yard!


And seeing is believing!!!!! My 10-year-old sure impressed me!


Her friend also made one and they swim as twin dolphins across the pool.


And even mermaids have to sit and chat about life!!!

Love you Sarah, and Jenna. What dedication!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family together again….



This past weekend my younger brother was able to sneak away from his internship in San Fransisco for 2 days and come see us. We got together and made all sorts of faces.

GetAttachment 2

Goofy faces, and even smiley faces too. (the only face missing from this picture is Cassidy because she was at her coveted “14-year-old” dance.)

Imediate family with Ryan

Here are all the Wiemer originals…Mom and Dad, Becky, Ryan, Alisha, and me.

siblings with ryan funny

Oh how we love our little bro. (Even though he soars over us, he will always be “little” in our eyes)

It was definitely fun.  Thank you Kirsten for lending us your hubby for a couple days!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Swimming


On July 1st after all the pink truck hoopla, we decided to check out our hotel pool. Cassidy decided to go to Karchner caverns with my parents, so I will have to add pictures of that later. She had a great time.


…But then again, so did we!!! We tried out our cheapy underwater camera---success. We found out that when I try to smile and open my eyes underwater, I look like the devil! We don’t need to add any picture proof to that.


Morgan remembered that he likes to fling his 13-year-old son around.


We accidently were twinners in red suits. You had to be there to really see how amazing we looked! he he


Then Lund remembered that he can pick up his whole daddy as long as they stayed underwater. oooooooo…..cute…little….baby daddy……with a whole lot of facial hair!


So we can have fun swimming without little children all over us…seeee..


And this weird Golum-like stance is because I was trying to show you how awesome my nails looked for the “pink truck” day!


Oh, that’s better—I just had to zoom in!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Homegrown 4th


Oh how I love a homemade 4th of July! Fireworks in the backyard, a great BBQ……


And of course, family all around! Even my Aunt Diane from California “hopped” over with her daughter and granddaughter! The more the merrier!


My nephew, Brody, was really enjoying swinging with is cone, but his sister, Raelyn was a bit melancholy.

DSC_0430Here I am with my Aunt Diane. Side note: she has also had breast cancer and is now a survivor.


She has been a great inspiration to me during the whole breast cancer journey. About every 3 months there will be a “pick-me-up” card in the mail, and I will know it is from her. Thank you!

DSC_0436Raelynn found out that the tortoise was offering free rides and she was game!


DSC_0440Father and son. Will is being his father’s “shoulder angel”.


Brother and Sister. My dad and Aunt Diane.


And here is the whole lot of us! I just put all the pictures we took on here and you can choose your favorite.


And my beautiful daughter that thinks she can be a teenager now……aaaggggg


And another family pic with Will trying to “photo bomb”. arggggggg


The only way I was going outdoors was in a swimsuit, so I sat in the small kiddie pool and it was quite nice!


And this guy thinks he is 13 now, and loves fire!!!!


And my parents looking as calm as ever. Yup, that’s 4th of July for you..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pretty (Big) in Pink


Today was a bittersweet day in our lives. We were VERY excited to see the completed CATAPILLAR truck that we have been apart of; and yet we were so saddened by the 19 fireman who were killed in the Yarnell fire. Yarnell wasn’t too far from us when we lived in Bagdad and Morgan even performed a wedding there when he was bishop of the Bagdad ward. We will pray for all the families involved.


So, we headed down to Greenvalley, AZ yesterday evening to be ready for the early morning commissioning of the 1st pink truck ever.


I was amazed by the GARGANTUAN size of the truck! The last time we saw it was in Mesa at the Caterpillar headquarters and it was in pieces then. In this picture I am standing by another lady from Freeport McMoran, Colorado, who also has breast cancer. She was an instant friend and we had so much fun. Thank you Marlys Weimer!

DSCF0137And Since it was a pink truck, we commissioned it with Cherry 7up! I shook mine up a bit too much, but it was so much fun!


There are two of us with breast cancer, and two ladies that were in charge.


How fun it was to have both sets of grandparents there.


A little bit closer up..


And there was a beautiful girl sitting in the wheel of the truck. When did my daughter get so old and beautiful!?

Definitely a fun day, a day for the books!!!

p.s. there may be a lot of other pictures to come because there were people following us with cameras and video cameras.