Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mermaid Mania

Careful: mermaid mania is contagious around these parts!


Sarah (10 years old), saw a tutorial on youtube about how you can actually make a real, working mermaid tail! She and her friends and even her older sister have been watching a show called H2o where the characters turn into mermaids if they get wet. Plus, the characters all have amazing Australian accents so that is a plus too!


So Sarah starting laying out her plans. She drew out what she needed, she did money chores and she kept dreaming. She didn’t give up but the monofin was last to purchase and it was just right there, out of her reach. As I was doing laundry that day I noticed a box I was supposed to return from Sarah’s birthday. I had an idea: I asked Sarah if she would rather have a new pair of rollerblades or just the money back so she could afford her monofin. She jumped up and down with glee!!!!


After waiting a torturous 5 days for the monofin to come in the mail, she was ready to get sewing. Lucky little gal even got 40% off her fabric,, which is huge when the special fabric she used  is 17.99 a yard!


And seeing is believing!!!!! My 10-year-old sure impressed me!


Her friend also made one and they swim as twin dolphins across the pool.


And even mermaids have to sit and chat about life!!!

Love you Sarah, and Jenna. What dedication!

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Farr Family said...

Hey Christa
I have not checked blogs in forever! I had to check in on you! You have a beautiful family and so glad you are doing so well! We need to get together! Love ya
look for me on instagram- I do that more now- easier