Sunday, January 27, 2008

Morgan and I

Hello all! We are back online to stay! (hopefully). I noticed while looking at my blog that I don't have any recent pictures of Morgan and I because we are usually the ones taking the pictures! So Here is a picture of Morgan and I before going to a work dinner.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Technical Difficulties

well everybody we are truly experiencing "technical difficulties"! Our faithful Dell computer of six years has finally died on us. I am typing this lovely note on Morgan's work lab top, just to get this message out to all. We have decided to buy an Apple IMac this coming Friday, so hold tight, we will be back in business soon.

p.s. you don't realize how much you use the internet and your computer until it breaks!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scientist Marchy!!

Sarah found one of my make-up brushes and went to the sandbox and buried her dinosaurs and then recovered them "archiologist style" by using the brush to recover her treasures! She called herself "Scientist Marchy!" We love our quirky Sarah!!! He!!!!

An Ode to Sunday Dinner

Oh, Sunday Dinner, Oh Sunday Dinner

How great thy roast doth smell

How wonderous is thy husband

Who doth make thy dinner

All by thyself.

How's that Ode for you!!! (Morgan is in the background saying that he is soooo embarrassed for me and my horrible Ode to Sunday dinner). He! He!

What happens when your seven-year-old steals your camera

Today while I stole a Sunday nap, Lund stole my camera and took some interesting pictures, 18 interesting pictures to be exact. They included lots of close-ups of his Bionicles that he had made and even one of his sister. Here is a little preview of life through the eyes of a 7-year-old.

Do cat's watch TV?????

If you ever wondered whether the normal household cat will veg out in front of the TV, we have the answer for you! Our cat Rainbow loves to sit and watch Channel 8 with us. Funnily (not a real word) enough, the show that she was watching was a documentary on dogs!!! Crazy!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How Fighting is Done at the Johnson House

This is a little view into the life of the Johnson house. After Family Night on Monday, the kids got out all four light sabers and had a few Star Wars type fights. Crazily enough, the best sword fighters were Sarah and Will. Sarah was pure aggression and Will would laugh as he attacked you with the big sword.

New Sandbox

Our neighbors needed to get rid of an old sandbox they had and we were more than willing to put it to good use. Lund and I headed out to the Santa Maria River to get some fresh sand and Will really "dug into" his new sandbox. The best part is--- it has a lid so it won't turn into a local kitty litter like our last one. Here's hoping!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Motorcycle Man

Today before church, Will decided to hop on his new motorcycle and pose for a few pictures. He hasn't quite figured out how to work the motorcycle, but that will come with time. For right now, he just likes to sit on the motorcycle and look cool. What a silly boy!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow Angels, I mean Dirt Angels

The kids decided to make "snow angels" yesterday while we were hiking, but the only thing that was around was, well, dirt. So we decided to make "Dirt Angels" instead! The only bad thing about this is, as you can see from Sarah's expression, dirt sometimes gets in your eyes.....

New Year's Day 2008

For New Year's Day we had lot's of fun relaxing at the house and then we went with a family friend, Thor Anderson out to the petroglyphs and rock hunting. Thor is about 6'4" and played football in college and loves to put Will on his shoulders and walk around. Will looks like just a little speck on his shoulders. We had a lot of fun. Then the kids spent the night at their "other grandparents" house. (our friends, Karen and Thor) and Mom and Dad got to hang out by themselves, oh and Will was hanging out with us but he went to bed before the partying started... He!

This was our idea of a party... Watch the "Bourne Ultamatum" without worrying that the volume was up too high. And then, here's the party part--- we ate cake in our bed while watching another movie--- I know we are such party animals!!! We had a blast though!!!


Well, our internet has been down for about a week, so I am finally back on-line and guess how hard it was to fix... I just had to unplug the modem and plug it back in---- ta da!!! Isn't technology great?!!!

Last week was a bit of a blur after Christmas because Will got really sick (again) and we had to re-hydrate him at the clinic and sit with him for days on end on the couch. He sure gets sick a lot and looks so pitiful when he does. Poor guy!