Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Day 2008

For New Year's Day we had lot's of fun relaxing at the house and then we went with a family friend, Thor Anderson out to the petroglyphs and rock hunting. Thor is about 6'4" and played football in college and loves to put Will on his shoulders and walk around. Will looks like just a little speck on his shoulders. We had a lot of fun. Then the kids spent the night at their "other grandparents" house. (our friends, Karen and Thor) and Mom and Dad got to hang out by themselves, oh and Will was hanging out with us but he went to bed before the partying started... He!

This was our idea of a party... Watch the "Bourne Ultamatum" without worrying that the volume was up too high. And then, here's the party part--- we ate cake in our bed while watching another movie--- I know we are such party animals!!! We had a blast though!!!

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