Friday, June 22, 2012

Mommarazzi strikes again!

 This gives you a little hint as to how many pictures I took on this trip! Yep, that is right, the MOMARAZZI strikes again!!!

 In these pictures, we were at Grandpa Lund's cousin, Annette's, house overlooking Ventura. She sure has a beautiful view and was such a gracious host.

                    Here's part of my clan, heading out to the waves. Sarah happens to be already yelling at Lund for some unknown injustice.
 Lund, learning how to carry his longboard around.
 Will kept trying to give the sand back to the ocean.

 ........but he usually just came running back, away from the waves. I love that he did everything with his goggles on even though there was not a chance he was getting his head in the water.

Catchin' waves and building friendships!
 Lund is demonstrating his board and all of it's colorful messages to a friend he met on the beach.
Will explains to this cute little guy how to build a sandcastle properly.
 After examining the waves........

 Will decides that it is time for him to hit the waves. But soon after this shot, he got his head in the water and didn't like it at all. Ironically, this was just about the only time he DIDN'T have his goggles on. For the rest of the trip he didn't go in above his waist.
 Luckily for me, I hired this amazing nanny that stuck right by him so I was able to take all these pictures.

 Daddy helping Sarah get off to a great start on the boogey board.
 ..........and that face says it all.............. success!
 Daddy also helps Cass get a jump on a wave.
 Here is the view of our beach house from the beach. We are the half on the right. Perfect location!
One day we even had a "dolphin" sighting. (let's go with dolphin since they were so close to the shore)
 A happy trooper. The next day she came down with a mean cold and she didn't come out as much after that. Such a bummer to be sick while on vacation!
 Discovering fun shells or neat rocks is half the fun on the beach.
 And this man is one handsome beach bum!

And now there are two handsome beach bums!

 And Will is back threatening the surf. (this picture reminds me of a picture of Max in "Where the Wild Things Are")
 ......................beware of this gal and her really white legs!
 Jump for joy!
 And yes Will, yell at the water some more.
                     ................told you I was crazy.
 Will's brother  and sister came to the rescue and pulled him along the shore.
 And we heard a lot of sound effects from this guy all day long.

 Sarah, after a particularly hard wipe out.
 She needed some mom time after that to snuggle in the towels and get lots of hugs and kisses.
 Lund is rescuing his boogey board and Sarah is rescuing (term used loosely) sand crabs.
 Sarah found a friend on the beach and her friend's dad caught a fish right off the shore. The girls were really excited!
 The joys of sand crabs. Sarah absolutely LOVED them! She was constantly building homes for them in the sand.
 My marvelous and extremely adorable nine-year-old!

 a picture of just the two of us as the sun is setting in the background
 This little man said he was the most relaxed while in the sand and loved to make Grandma constantly cover his piggies, which he would immediately uncover and the game would start again.

 He is definitely in his "happy place"
                         , Baywatch!
                                   .........pretty sure they didn't skip on Baywatch......
And we even asked a "real surfer" to teach Lund a few tricks to get up on the board. Thank you Justin the pistachio farmer from two hours north.

Stay tuned for the next episode as the Mommarazzi strikes again!