Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally, some JFR moments (Johnson Family Reunion, for those who aren't privy to the lingo!!)

Which foot is mine????
A couple of weeks ago, we had The Johnson Family Reunion at Bear Lake, Utah. I had never before seen a place soooo remarkable. the Lake was beautiful, The relaxation was amazing, and the company was the best part!!!!!

Now, sit back and enjoy some pictures.... (disclaimer: I would have a lot more pictures from the reunion, but I lost one of my SD cards.... I am pretty t.o.'d about that!)

Here is Lund giving free massages to his cousins
Bear Lake Boys!!!

Digging in the sand with my little guy!

Unconditional Love is when you are willing to let your daughter paint your face!!!

Jeremy and Ruth being the cutest couple ever!!

Three generations of Johnson men!

Some of the biggest dandelions I have ever seen!!

Will found an awesome old tractor to love!

Sarah just loved having her face painted by her cousins and aunts!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turns out if you use the word "adotion" in a title without any information inlcuded, people get all rilled up... Go figure!!

All right, so that was a mean trick!!! I should never have put the word "adoption" in the title without enough time to sit down and blog the whole situation... So, I will now skip past any other news to blog this most important information.
There is a story, and there is a lot of praying involved, and a lot of insiration on the Lord's part..... but those are a bit personal, so I will just skip to the nitty gritty.
We met Zachary about four months ago and fell in love with him instantly. He is a foster kiddo and he was just about to get his rights severed from his parents, so he needed a "permanent" solution for his future. He is in an AMAZING foster home and they have had him since infancy. We have made plenty of visits down to Mesa to spend time with him and this past week, he was allowed a "vacation" in Bagdad for 8 days. It was wonderful!! The kids were great with him and he did really good here. He fits right in and even looks so much like Morgan as a little kid. We really feel that he is supposed to be part of our Eternal Family and we are hoping that things go really well and are inspired as his case goes to court soon and his future is decided. The kids are so wise when they pray, they state, "Please let whatever is best for Zachary be what happens." The innocence and faith of a child!
Here are pictures of the cutie patotie!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Reunion, Adoption update, new vehicle (again), and a month of left over memories included...

So, because it has been so long, I am not quite sure where to start... and where to end actually!
So...Let me esplain... no, it is too much, let me summup! (quoted from Indigo Montoya on Princess Bride).
First of all, on July 6th we ran over to California to pick up a new vehichle we bought on e-bay!!! yes, that is right, we purchased a vehicle on e-bay and we got a sweeet deal! Gotta love those govm't vehicles. Seven hours later we arrived in Irvine, California to buy a van off of the City of Irvine Water Dept. They gave us the choice of a standard twelve passenger run of the mill people mover and then they let us see "the other vehicle" we could choose from. I think it probably lit up as if magical because that is how I felt when I saw it... all my dreams coming true!!!! Now, if you aren't a mother of four, possibly five children (we will get to that later), then you would never understand why I would want to trade my new beautiful, wood panelling, chrome SUV for a huge people mover. But, if you do understand my plight, please read on....

The "other vehicle" they had looked just like the one next to it from the outside, and then the sliding door opened and I was in heaven. They re-did this van to fit men, who, as the guy said, "don't like to touch each other when they are riding in the van". Wow, that sounds just like my children on any trip. So they customized this vehicle with nine chairs, each recline on their own, each has it's own A/C vent and each has an individual reading lamp oh, and an individual cup holder for all.... It's like they knew my children inside and out. They always fight over A/C control, light control and cup holder privledges and now they each could control their own area. Wahoo!!!!
A couple days later we got up at 4am and left in our new kid mobile for our Family Reunion in Bear Lake, Utah. ..... I am going to let you stew a minute and you will have to read the next entry to find out about the family reunion... I am going to post pictures of the vehicles now...

The Beautiful seven passenger Chrysler Aspen, looking pretty as always!

"Look ma! wood paneling and other wonderful features for kids to destroy! "

The new people mover!!! And actually Cassidy was happy, she is just ten and I guess every pre-teen needs to look moody at times!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Acts of Kindness

I just wanted to post something that really tugged at my heart strings this weekend. Our family friend Golden Brimhall was riding his horse as usual in the parade and Becky, his wife, was watching the parade with us. After the parade he rode over with his two horses and rode right up to Will and said, "hand him to me.." and we handed him to Golden and he put him on his lap and we put Sarah on the other horse and Golden rode them around. Now this may seem like such a little thing, but to Sarah and Will it was such a big thing and they talked about it all day long. Will would say, "my horse goes fast!" and Sarah would say, "the parade was my best part of the day, especially when I got to ride the horse!"

Here is another side note that makes this memory so touching to me. Logan was Will's best buddy and for Logan's dad to come and pick him up and put him up on the horse with him was so tender and then it was even more tender when they put Sarah on Adreneline, because that was Logan's gentle horse. I was quite teary by the time it was all over... I know you seem tough Golden, but you have a big heart.. just don't let this get to your Big Head!!! He!! He!!

Watermellon Eating Contest!!!

I know I just posted about the 4th of July, but I have so many pictures, I am going to have to subcatagorize everything... so here we go with the watermellon eating contest...
Sarah didn't quite understand why we wanted her to eat really fast and I love the expression on her face!!

See how she has taken maybe one bite and the time is almost up! Too bad their weren't any prizes for a dainty eater!

I love this picture of Sarah's buddy, Canyon, he totally knew what he was doing and I truly think the girl next to him is jealous of his watermellon eating skills!

Canyon won his age category hands down, that boy knows how to chow!

My competitive Cassidy was a whole other story, she was trying her best, but she couldn't beat the tiny girl next to her that downed watermellon like a machine!

My little squirell with her cheeks full of mellon!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Old-Fashoned Fourth!!

This year our little village of Bagdad decided to have the theme "An Old Fashoned Fourth" for all of our 4th of July festivities and we really had a whole bunch of small-town fun!!!! You see, usually, Morgan's company doles out about $25,000.00 to pay a company to come into Bagdad with all thier hoopla and run a huge gala for us. There are usually blow-up slides, games, a huge carnival, free money, etc. But this year, with the lay-off and the scary economy, the company let the town run their own show. Pretty much, they just called up the mormons and asked them to do it cause they knew they would anyways! I am just kidding, sort of! The Baptists were helping a lot too... so give it up for the religious folks in Bagdad. We had a lot of fun though, and truly had an "Old Fashoned 4th".

Events included: Parade, boot races, 4k, watermellon eating contest, strong man contest, tug-of-war, swimming, water games, free games in the gym, food done by our volunteer Fire Department, (you could "volunteer" to pay them for the food, or not...), pie throwing, and dancing in the street (which truly was done in the street in front of Bashas).

My older sister came and visited us on the 3rd of July as she was "passing through" on her way home from Las Vegas and I wish I had pictures of that. They really loved being here and we had a wonderful dinner and visit. They all wanted to stay, but we only had room in our car for one extra kid and they couldn't decide who that would be, so they all went home. Maybe next time... if we get the 12-passanger van we want!

Here are some of my Cub Scouts right before the parade began, and no, it wasn't a heavy flag to carry, my son is a bit of a drama queen... or king, or something.

My handsome hubby under the tree we dubbed "the mormon hang-out" since we Mormons always find a nice tree to hide under and there were a lot of ward members sweating together under that tree.

Cassidy rode her bike in the parade. She decorated it all by herself and she was so proud of herself and so sad when she didn't when the bike decorating contest... especially because there was only one other bike entered. She quoted "it's not fair" a lot after that!

My darling Sarah just sitting quietly watching the parade roll by!

My goofy boys!!!

Here is Will with all the candy he collected during the parade. This year he was smart and brought his truck to help hold it all! he was pretty proud of his huge stash and his siblings were pretty jealous as well!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Evil Secret about my Husband!!! (I thought that would catch your attention!!)

I knew when I married Morgan that I had married an awesome and innovative husband that could do ANYTHING. It wasn't until after we were married that the evil truth came out..... that's right! I now know that I married the most creative, caring, hardworking husband on the planet!!! Don't you hate it when things come out later in your marriage.... you just can't see it coming when your eyes are clouded over with youthful love and admiration.....

Then one day you wake up and realize that your husband can cook and barbeque better than most restaurants, he never yells (even when you try to make him), he can fix ANYTHING cause he is so stinkin' smart and innovative, and above all this... he is the best gardener in the WORLD!! What the heck!! Who could have seen this all coming???!!! I am dumbfounded and feeling quite useless as well.... he! he! hey, somebody has got to keep this chair warm!

I am including a few pictures of this years garden. he really outdid himself this year and it looks like an English garden in a green, lush part of the world... You would never know the truth....that we live smack dab in the MIDDLE of the desert right next to a mine that is literally dumping crushed rocks within sight of our house daily. We love our garden refuge!!

Here is one of the three squirrels that we found in our garden trying to eat our profits!!! One of them is now in the freezer.... dinner anyone???!!!

It looks like we must be growing kids as well!