Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally, some JFR moments (Johnson Family Reunion, for those who aren't privy to the lingo!!)

Which foot is mine????
A couple of weeks ago, we had The Johnson Family Reunion at Bear Lake, Utah. I had never before seen a place soooo remarkable. the Lake was beautiful, The relaxation was amazing, and the company was the best part!!!!!

Now, sit back and enjoy some pictures.... (disclaimer: I would have a lot more pictures from the reunion, but I lost one of my SD cards.... I am pretty t.o.'d about that!)

Here is Lund giving free massages to his cousins
Bear Lake Boys!!!

Digging in the sand with my little guy!

Unconditional Love is when you are willing to let your daughter paint your face!!!

Jeremy and Ruth being the cutest couple ever!!

Three generations of Johnson men!

Some of the biggest dandelions I have ever seen!!

Will found an awesome old tractor to love!

Sarah just loved having her face painted by her cousins and aunts!!

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