Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hottest birthday boy in town and he is a darn good emcee to boot!



This past Tuesday was Morgan’s 38th Birthday and he is always so gracious no matter what he is given. These walkie talkies were given to him so the kids and I can find him when he is out back in his yard. He LOVES working in the yard and in the garden and it definitely shows. So we did a Lowe’s themed birthday with a power point presentation made by yours truly, (my very first one ever, thank you Cassidy for teaching me). Morgan would see a picture from Lowe’s and have to guess what it was to earn his gift cards to Lowe’s.


And the very last present was from Cassidy and I. It was a gift card to the Outback Steakhouse with Cassidy babysitting. So off we flew with his parents for some adult partying-----steak style!!!!!


And back to the house for carrot cake!


Oh how I love my birthday Man!!!


And he is not done yet! No siree! The very next night he was the emcee for the Activity Day Girls Talent show!


And he sure knows how to make a girl smile!


He told me later when I told him how great he did, that he just pictured his dad and did what he would have done!!!!!


10 points for also being so handsome!!


And oh no, we are one flower short. Do you think that stopped Morgan? No way, he just made one on the spot and wowed the audience as well.


Talise was pretty excited as well!


And now my favorite picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I love that boy!

Friday, November 15, 2013

pictures of Dylan

I am very much an amateur photographer, emphasis on amateur, but I still love taking pictures anyway. I had the opportunity to steal this little guy from my good friend and try to get a few shots for fun.





Sunday, November 10, 2013

What does every child dread, but every mother loves….. A TIME OUT!



This is what happens when you send your wife off to

Time Out for Women…………She comes back all smiley!



And if you send your daughters away to Time out

for Girls, they come back  Angels!


And teenage girls are smiling while learning about the gospel?!


….And maybe a little bit confused…..


And you will have amazing memories with sisters in your

ward that you don’t usually get to socialize with.


…And if you’re lucky, you might even meet

a lady named………



But if you’re truly blessed, you will find a dear friend

from Bagdad among the 5,500 other women!!!


…and get to sit next to her all Saturday!!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Girl on Fire



That’s right, Cass is on fire!! This past Wednesday was Young Women’s Night

of Excellence and the girls all had a chance to show us their flame.


They each shared with us their 10 hour projects and it is always an honor to be

Cassidy’s mom! Her project consisted of being in a community musical “High School

Musical 2”. It took many hours of practicing and performing.  Way to share your talents with

the community.


We are blessed to be her parents. And she even had a duet moment with

the other Kassidy in our ward.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dig Pink, Kayla-style!


DSC_0622We had the greatest time last Wednesday at my neice’s high school volleyball game! It was so amazing to be spotlighted as a mom with breast cancer. Everyone cheered for me  and there was pink EVERYWHERE!! of course everything was so amazing and I should have known because my big sister, Alisha, was in charge of it!

DSC_0615I was given a special shirt to wear and my parents gave me TWO DOZEN PINK ROSES!  My mom also gave me a “Fight Like a Girl” hat and I felt a bit like a star! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing because I pretty much rotate between my house and  MD Anderson these days and this was just so special, special, special!

DSC_0619Here is the gym all “pinked-out” for this amazing event. There was pink everywhere! You could buy pink hair things or pink flowers or pink bracelets or pink, well, anything!

DSC_0624My older sister brought a date and he made sure to dress in pink as well! He also gets points from me because he sat next to Will during the 5 volleyball matches and they became great friends, yelling for the team really loud and Will teaching him all about Skylander cards. (Will’s newest craze which includes Pokemon-like cards and such).  At one point, Will had his arm around Russ and he was discussing something with him. He He.He…  Will is such a goofball!!!


And here is the real star!!!!! Kayla #6 and one amazing niece!!! She has been playing volleyball since she was really young and I was soooooo impressed at how amazing she has become!!! When she spikes the ball, it is so powerful and just watching her made me so excited for her future. She was surely the best player on the team and she rocked the night!!! I have always been so impressed with the dedication and hours upon hours Kayla devotes to volleyball, and seeing her play tonight just made me crazy with excitement!!!

Sidenote: It was such a great game to watch because it was neck and neck and they had to go 5 games and it honest to goodness was won by one point!!!!!! Kayla’s team pulled it off to the cheering of soooooooo many fans! I haven’t ever seen such a stressful and exciting match up.  Grandma Karen was there too and we were reminded of watching Ruth play volleyball and coach volleyball back in Pocatello. Fun memories all around!

Another sidenote: My big sis ‘Leesh, is always doing something amazing for me! And everything she is in charge of is so over-the-top clever and beautiful. She has such a gift of giving! Love ya Sis!!