Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hottest birthday boy in town and he is a darn good emcee to boot!



This past Tuesday was Morgan’s 38th Birthday and he is always so gracious no matter what he is given. These walkie talkies were given to him so the kids and I can find him when he is out back in his yard. He LOVES working in the yard and in the garden and it definitely shows. So we did a Lowe’s themed birthday with a power point presentation made by yours truly, (my very first one ever, thank you Cassidy for teaching me). Morgan would see a picture from Lowe’s and have to guess what it was to earn his gift cards to Lowe’s.


And the very last present was from Cassidy and I. It was a gift card to the Outback Steakhouse with Cassidy babysitting. So off we flew with his parents for some adult partying-----steak style!!!!!


And back to the house for carrot cake!


Oh how I love my birthday Man!!!


And he is not done yet! No siree! The very next night he was the emcee for the Activity Day Girls Talent show!


And he sure knows how to make a girl smile!


He told me later when I told him how great he did, that he just pictured his dad and did what he would have done!!!!!


10 points for also being so handsome!!


And oh no, we are one flower short. Do you think that stopped Morgan? No way, he just made one on the spot and wowed the audience as well.


Talise was pretty excited as well!


And now my favorite picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I love that boy!


LUND said...

Loved this entry, loved being part of the party, loved enjoying. His gift with you two, love you two mire than tongue can tell!
So glad he was the MC. He couldn't use me as an example, I can't make flowers out of air and rubber.

Bonnie Hynes said...

This post makes me so happy. I love you guys so much!! What a great guy :)