Friday, October 31, 2008

I want to be just like Uncle Ryan...

Lund looking like his Uncle...Elder Wiemer had a fall on his bike
Uncle Ryan Wiemer at his first family baptism....

Lund decided this week that he wants to look just like Uncle Ryan who is on his mission in Washington D.C. He said that he wants to start with his hair and so everyday this week before school he had me do his hair just like his Uncle Ryan. And let me say my brother is a good guy to model your life after. I am sending pictures of both my son Lund Ryan and his Uncle, my brother Ryan...

Bulemic blogger strikes again....

This week has been insanely busy for me as I am sure it has been for all of you out there. I have been taking pictures along the way though and now I am determined to sit here and catch you up on our life...

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Bulemic Blogger...

I have decided to refer to myself from this day forward as the "bulemic blogger" because I seem to binge (write a lot of blogs) and then purge (write nothing for a long period of time)... I hear they have places I can go to overcome said illness. I will have to look into it. In the meantime, here I go binging again...

Last week when we went down to the "Valley", we had a little bit of time to kill before we dropped Morgan off at his training in Phoenix. We decided to visit the "Redneck Disneyland" or in other words, Cabella's. My kids love this store because the animals are so life-like and right there for you to see!

Is this Legal????!!!

Last week when we were driving down to Gilbert to visit my family and get Morgan to work training in Phoenix, we passed this great scene in Phoenix and all we could think of was "Is that legal?????!!!" so here are the pictures to prove it.... a dead horse in the back of a trailer just there for the whole world to see and it would jiggle as it flew down the freeway... And yes, we are sure that is was dead, not sleeping!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting to see cousins...

We took a trip down to Gilbert on Monday and Tuesday and the kids loved getting to see Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles and cousins.... We captured a few moments in pictures... My mom bought the matching halloween shirts for all the grandkids and that was fun...

Here are the boy grandkids, Cooper and Lund up top, Kade in the headlock, Brody and Will

Here are the girls, Candin, Sarah, and Cassidy. (Kayla was out with friends)

I will post more pictures tomorrow, but my brain has shut off and already gone to bed, so I better follow.....

Who wants to "knows" about my nose??? Well too bad, 'cause here is goes!

Do you like my little ryhme?? If you don't like talking about sinus cavities, then this is not the post for you. For the rest of you weird "House" fans like me, here is the skinny.... or the down low, or whatever you cool teenagers say nowadays...
I have had a cold/infection for about six weeks now and it is getting very bothersome, or beyond bothersome actually. Finally, after two rounds of different antibiotics, I was back at the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for another follow-up... Well, I started in the regular chair in a room and they did the usual exam, like sticking their fingers down your throat and gagging you, etc. Then he was doing the exam of my nose (how pleasant) and he said, "hang on, we have a problem". I asked him if he found the button I stuffed up there when I was six-years-old and I guess it wasn't that. They shot this stuff up my nose that numbed my whole nose and throat and soon we were in a different room with a lot of helpers and a camera that they decided to stuff up my nose, way up there, like behind my eyes. They are talking and looking at the screen and agreeing to what they are seeing and I am not seeing anything but tears clouding my vision 'cause they have a camera on a bendy stick stuffed way up my nose. It turns out I have tumors in my sinuses, they are called polyps and they can't figure out how far in my head they go, so I have to get a CT scan on Monday in Kingman and I am a bit nervous!
Good news: polyps aren't canerous!
Bad news: I have to get surgery and not a very fun one!
Good news: Maybe this will stop what is going on with my sinuses...
Bad news: This will probably recur the rest of my life and I will have to go to the office frequently to get my sinues scraped, like the bones in my head are going to get scraped with some sort of instrument.
Good news: It could be worse.... ?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

Fall in Arizona isn't quite the same as everywhere else....somedays kids can still play in the water and the weather is warm and other days you get the feeling that fall has come, even to the desert. Two days ago we were feeling the heat and Will was playing in the water. Then today things cooled down a bit and we got very festive. We had fun decorating the house for the fall season and I hope you enjoy the pictures of our Scarecrow family. Everyone in the family colored a scarecrow and every one is unique. Such is life....

I am also including a picture of a ghost that Sarah made in school because it is so stinkin' cute!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picture day for Sarah

Today was picture day for Sarah and she really wanted to look "pretty". I told her that she is already beautiful, but I had fun making her up this morning before school and she was so proud of herself.... what a gorgeous little girl she is,watch out world!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When Life hands you lemons.... stuff them in the fruit basket and run to the store to buy lemonade... who has time to make homemade lemonade???

Have you ever felt like your life just got too busy and nobody asked you your opinion on the matter????? that is how I felt today.... Here was my schedule from today...

6:20am wake up Cassidy and Lund and get them ready for school
7:00am wake up Sarah and Will and run the older two off to their carpool to Hillside
7:45am take Sarah over to her school here in Bagdad
8:00am this was when I was supposed to go to my work out group, but I was already exhausted, so I played hookey and crashed on my bed with Will watching "Cars" and throwing fruit snacks at me
10:30am chase Will around the house for a full half hour just to get him dressed
11:00am go over to the school during their lunch hour to see if Sarah is "dry" and hang out with her for a few minutes. Today we went to recess with her and all the kids their thought that I was their just to watch them.... "Sarah's mom, watch me do this!!!! Sarah's mom, watch me, watch me!!!"One of the aides asked me why I don't work there? I told her "cause then I would HAVE to be here...."
11:45am take Will to lunch at the Bagdad Cafe right next to the post office. Morgan's accounting team was all there eating lunch so they said, "this is Morgan's wife and son" "oh, how cute!!!" I noticed that they were looking at me weird only to find out later that someone told the accounting team that Iwas pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. This rumor started when someone saw me at the store and asked how my new "additions" were doing (meaning my new canaries, one boy and one girl). I told them that they were doing great and that they even sing to me when I am doing the dishes.... so the rest was history
---- o.k. here is where it gets crazy, are you ready-----
2:30pm pick up Sarah from school
3:00 change into my Scout leader uniform, take Will and Logan over to a friend's house (I was watching my friends little boy for a few hours)
3:15pm interview on of my cub scouts while Sarah plays with his sister
3:35 run Sarah over to her swim lessons, oh boy, I am late...
4:00 I see that Sarah is situated in swim lessons, so I go run to pick up the boys
4:00-4:30 watch Sarah do her swim lessons while keeping two two-year-olds out of the water, and myself out of the water in my scout iniform
*call morgan and ask him to help me out and pick up Cassidy and Lund at 4:30
4:45pm take Cassidy to her piano lessons
5:15 start BBQ over at the park for dinner and take Lund to piano lessons and get Cassidy
6pm try to convince Cassidy and Sarah to get their homework done at the park... (not easy)
7pm Lund goes off to gymnastics class, Cassidy didn't get her homework done in time so she doesn't get to go right at 7.
7:30pm Cassidy is done with her homework, so after throwing Sarah and Will in the tub, and handing that job over to Morgan, run Cassidy over to gymnastics
7:30-8pm help with gymnastic because they need some help (luckily I have changed out of my scout uniform)
8:30pm time for scriptures and prayer, and off to bed for the kids
8:55pm run to the Bashas' because we are out of milk and they close at 9pm... funny thing, I still spent 35.00 and I was only in the store for 5 minutes.... that's like 7.00 a minute average.... hhhmmmmmm!
12:00 midnight Will is crying.... Lund yells "mom, Will is crying!!!!" well, duh! I try to get out of bed, hey! when did Sarah get in bed behind me.....
12:30am Lund calls out for me because he is scared.... when I enter the room, Will starts crying again..... you get the point....
1:27am I am sitting here writing on my blog and Will is on the couch watching "Cars" (starting to see a trend...) and Sarah is asleep in my spot in my bed, I think....

Here's the thing: In my mind I picture myself having time to read novels to my kids and teaching them how to cook and typing their stories that they dictate to me so they can write their own stories... wierd I know, but I think of it a lot... The point being, I don't feel like our life is in control enough to do those things...... And I know that they will look back on these years, and what will they remember??????????????

Sorry, these are the rantings of a very tired woman.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poker Night, Mormon momma style

While our wonderful hubbies went to Priesthood session on Saturday night and were filled with the Spirit, the wives and kids had a party of a different style. We ate, let the kids run free and played "Spoons" with babies on our laps and kids at the table. It was a lot of fun and I am sending a few pictures to depict the evening. Logan Brimhall got caught feeding himself ice cream straight from the container. Colter Bolinger got into the cupcakes and of course, little Brooklyn Bolinger mearly wanted to eat all the playing cards. So now you know what we moms do while the men are away.

side note: the men had a wonderful dutch oven meal before watching the Priesthood session and said that it was soooo delicious!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

pictures, pictures, pictures

I sent out the last blog without the pictures that go with the words, so here they are....

My babies are growing up so fast....

I took some pictures before church this past week of my "babies" and I realized that they aren't my babies anymore! They must have grown up while I wasn't looking. How does that happen????