Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When Life hands you lemons.... stuff them in the fruit basket and run to the store to buy lemonade... who has time to make homemade lemonade???

Have you ever felt like your life just got too busy and nobody asked you your opinion on the matter????? that is how I felt today.... Here was my schedule from today...

6:20am wake up Cassidy and Lund and get them ready for school
7:00am wake up Sarah and Will and run the older two off to their carpool to Hillside
7:45am take Sarah over to her school here in Bagdad
8:00am this was when I was supposed to go to my work out group, but I was already exhausted, so I played hookey and crashed on my bed with Will watching "Cars" and throwing fruit snacks at me
10:30am chase Will around the house for a full half hour just to get him dressed
11:00am go over to the school during their lunch hour to see if Sarah is "dry" and hang out with her for a few minutes. Today we went to recess with her and all the kids their thought that I was their just to watch them.... "Sarah's mom, watch me do this!!!! Sarah's mom, watch me, watch me!!!"One of the aides asked me why I don't work there? I told her "cause then I would HAVE to be here...."
11:45am take Will to lunch at the Bagdad Cafe right next to the post office. Morgan's accounting team was all there eating lunch so they said, "this is Morgan's wife and son" "oh, how cute!!!" I noticed that they were looking at me weird only to find out later that someone told the accounting team that Iwas pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. This rumor started when someone saw me at the store and asked how my new "additions" were doing (meaning my new canaries, one boy and one girl). I told them that they were doing great and that they even sing to me when I am doing the dishes.... so the rest was history
---- o.k. here is where it gets crazy, are you ready-----
2:30pm pick up Sarah from school
3:00 change into my Scout leader uniform, take Will and Logan over to a friend's house (I was watching my friends little boy for a few hours)
3:15pm interview on of my cub scouts while Sarah plays with his sister
3:35 run Sarah over to her swim lessons, oh boy, I am late...
4:00 I see that Sarah is situated in swim lessons, so I go run to pick up the boys
4:00-4:30 watch Sarah do her swim lessons while keeping two two-year-olds out of the water, and myself out of the water in my scout iniform
*call morgan and ask him to help me out and pick up Cassidy and Lund at 4:30
4:45pm take Cassidy to her piano lessons
5:15 start BBQ over at the park for dinner and take Lund to piano lessons and get Cassidy
6pm try to convince Cassidy and Sarah to get their homework done at the park... (not easy)
7pm Lund goes off to gymnastics class, Cassidy didn't get her homework done in time so she doesn't get to go right at 7.
7:30pm Cassidy is done with her homework, so after throwing Sarah and Will in the tub, and handing that job over to Morgan, run Cassidy over to gymnastics
7:30-8pm help with gymnastic because they need some help (luckily I have changed out of my scout uniform)
8:30pm time for scriptures and prayer, and off to bed for the kids
8:55pm run to the Bashas' because we are out of milk and they close at 9pm... funny thing, I still spent 35.00 and I was only in the store for 5 minutes.... that's like 7.00 a minute average.... hhhmmmmmm!
12:00 midnight Will is crying.... Lund yells "mom, Will is crying!!!!" well, duh! I try to get out of bed, hey! when did Sarah get in bed behind me.....
12:30am Lund calls out for me because he is scared.... when I enter the room, Will starts crying again..... you get the point....
1:27am I am sitting here writing on my blog and Will is on the couch watching "Cars" (starting to see a trend...) and Sarah is asleep in my spot in my bed, I think....

Here's the thing: In my mind I picture myself having time to read novels to my kids and teaching them how to cook and typing their stories that they dictate to me so they can write their own stories... wierd I know, but I think of it a lot... The point being, I don't feel like our life is in control enough to do those things...... And I know that they will look back on these years, and what will they remember??????????????

Sorry, these are the rantings of a very tired woman.....


nickndest said...

Geez! No wonder I haven't seen much of you. It sound like when life hands you lemons you have to juggle them, put them down, buy some lemonade, come back and start juggling again.

Dustin & Erin said...

Stressful day! I'm sorry. But, look at the brightside: You DIDN'T fall into the pool in your scouting outfit. Now THAT would've sucked! :)

Christa Johnson said...

I loved Destiniy's lemonade analogy, so much more like my life......
And Erin, you are right, I am soooo glad that I didn't fall into the pool. I did however sit on the wet ground by the pool and had a wet bottom.... fun stuff!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

As I read your eventful day I was reminded of a true statement by Elder Boyd K. Packer several years ago: I am sure you have read it.... I KNOW YOU HAVE LIVED IT.
"Every time you schedule a youngster, you schedule a family—particularly the mother. It is very hard on our family.” Remember, when you schedule a youngster, you schedule a family—particularly the mother."
Your day sounded very full and eventful. I don't remember reading about a Scout meeting, but I do remember reading about you putting on the uniform. I must have missed the Meeting part of the story I was so caught up in the comings and goings.

You are in our prayers and loves always.

Papa or Elder Lund