Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to School Bruhaha

We had the theater to ourselves for quite a while..
The crazy cowboy statue in Wickenburg...

Don't fret... this is a decoration!!

The Girls!!

The Boys!!

All the kids will be entering the halls of Elementary school soon and so we decided to have one last hoorah before the school year begins.
I let Lund and Cassidy each invite a few friends and off we went in "Gus the Fun Bus"! Cassidy took two Hulse girls and their cousin, Ally. Lund took Owen Barton and Wyatt Schultz. We had a fun time, although the heat was a bit unbearable. I took them first to the Wickenburg pool and then we were off to the Tastee Freeze for dinner. We got to the Harry Potter movie early, so we walked the streets of Wickenburg to kill time. Turned out to be tooo hot for walking so the theater let us in early and we waited in our comfy seats. You see, in Wickenburg Arizona, there is only one theater and they only show one movie at a time and for one showing each day. (Just to let you know how these little towns work)..
Enjoy the pictures...


Alexis said...

Didn't you LOVE Harry Potter!?! Or at least your kids!?
I saw it as soon as Iposibly could...Thursday afternoon after it came out--so good!
You should bring your family out to Maine and I will help you get over your JAWS brainwashing and you can be happily naive like me playing in the ocean!

Farr Family said...

Ryan's Grandma lives half the year in Wickenburg. I've been there a few times. YEA for small towns!!