Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fruit Snacks and water!

Last night Will came down with a pretty bad tummy bug and was throwing up constantly. It went on for quite a while and then he fell asleep exhausted on the recliner next to my bed. At about four a.m. he woke up ready for a new day, and HUNGRY!! He put a chair next the shelves in the pantry and got down the big box of Costco fruit snacks. And this is how I found him a few minutes later, jabbering away about how happy he was and how hungry we was, but how the fruit snacks were going to fix all that! It was very cute!


nickndest said...

Hope he doesn't get sick from all the fruit snacks. We're going to be in Bagdad this weekend, Colter of course wants to play with Will.

Christa Johnson said...

yippeee!! I am so glad that you will be here soon!!!!!! Will is excited too!!!!!!

Farr Family said...

That is too funny with all the fruit snacks. But hey whatever makes them happy. Your fam is always so cute! I love looking at your blog when I get chance. We love ya! Kimberly