Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School for Sarah

Today was Sarah's first day of school. She was pretty excited and pretty scared at the same time. It was extra hard for her to get up and get going this morning because Lund and Cassidy don't start their elementary school until next Monday. But she is now back into the groove of school and I think she will have a wonderful year this year! She is doing Kindergarten again because last year was a bit hard on her and at winter break I took her home to homeschool her and spend some more time with her. She had a REALLY hard time with the "all day" kindergarten schedule that they have here. Now this year, she has a new teacher (her other teacher was amazing too, we just wanted her to feel that she has a fresh start) and she is one year older, so I think she will do great!


Team Caldwell said...

go sarah go!!!

annebabe said...

great attitude mom! She's gonna have a super year, practice makes perfect!

Farr Family said...

Sarah is so adorable!! Your kids are getting so big. I know she will do great. I agree all day K is really hard. I subbed in an all day one and saw how hard it was for some. You are a great Mom that knows just what her kids need. We love you!!