Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turns out if you use the word "adotion" in a title without any information inlcuded, people get all rilled up... Go figure!!

All right, so that was a mean trick!!! I should never have put the word "adoption" in the title without enough time to sit down and blog the whole situation... So, I will now skip past any other news to blog this most important information.
There is a story, and there is a lot of praying involved, and a lot of insiration on the Lord's part..... but those are a bit personal, so I will just skip to the nitty gritty.
We met Zachary about four months ago and fell in love with him instantly. He is a foster kiddo and he was just about to get his rights severed from his parents, so he needed a "permanent" solution for his future. He is in an AMAZING foster home and they have had him since infancy. We have made plenty of visits down to Mesa to spend time with him and this past week, he was allowed a "vacation" in Bagdad for 8 days. It was wonderful!! The kids were great with him and he did really good here. He fits right in and even looks so much like Morgan as a little kid. We really feel that he is supposed to be part of our Eternal Family and we are hoping that things go really well and are inspired as his case goes to court soon and his future is decided. The kids are so wise when they pray, they state, "Please let whatever is best for Zachary be what happens." The innocence and faith of a child!
Here are pictures of the cutie patotie!!


Team Caldwell said...

are you sure he is not yours?!!! wow could he look anymore like he belongs! I just want to squeeze that belly! We will pray for you and yours. My dream is to have some stanger wlk down the hall at church and say, here I think you need this little guy! So all bestest wishes to you

Bonnie Hynes said...

turns out he is the cutest little guy ever!! I wish you luck, I would love another little nephew to squeeze! But, I'll listen to the little ones and hope for what is best for him. Love you.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

He is a cute little guy with a great toothy smile. You guys are in our prayers always. Mom

nickndest said...

He is soo cute and does look like he belongs. Good luck with it all.

Dana and Tiff said...

Those pics are so cute!!! I wish so bad that I could make it all happen just the way we want it to...but I can' I will listen to the wisdom of the kids and continue to pray for what is best for our little Zachary!! Love Ya girl!!