Monday, July 6, 2009

Watermellon Eating Contest!!!

I know I just posted about the 4th of July, but I have so many pictures, I am going to have to subcatagorize everything... so here we go with the watermellon eating contest...
Sarah didn't quite understand why we wanted her to eat really fast and I love the expression on her face!!

See how she has taken maybe one bite and the time is almost up! Too bad their weren't any prizes for a dainty eater!

I love this picture of Sarah's buddy, Canyon, he totally knew what he was doing and I truly think the girl next to him is jealous of his watermellon eating skills!

Canyon won his age category hands down, that boy knows how to chow!

My competitive Cassidy was a whole other story, she was trying her best, but she couldn't beat the tiny girl next to her that downed watermellon like a machine!

My little squirell with her cheeks full of mellon!

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