Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Homegrown 4th


Oh how I love a homemade 4th of July! Fireworks in the backyard, a great BBQ……


And of course, family all around! Even my Aunt Diane from California “hopped” over with her daughter and granddaughter! The more the merrier!


My nephew, Brody, was really enjoying swinging with is cone, but his sister, Raelyn was a bit melancholy.

DSC_0430Here I am with my Aunt Diane. Side note: she has also had breast cancer and is now a survivor.


She has been a great inspiration to me during the whole breast cancer journey. About every 3 months there will be a “pick-me-up” card in the mail, and I will know it is from her. Thank you!

DSC_0436Raelynn found out that the tortoise was offering free rides and she was game!


DSC_0440Father and son. Will is being his father’s “shoulder angel”.


Brother and Sister. My dad and Aunt Diane.


And here is the whole lot of us! I just put all the pictures we took on here and you can choose your favorite.


And my beautiful daughter that thinks she can be a teenager now……aaaggggg


And another family pic with Will trying to “photo bomb”. arggggggg


The only way I was going outdoors was in a swimsuit, so I sat in the small kiddie pool and it was quite nice!


And this guy thinks he is 13 now, and loves fire!!!!


And my parents looking as calm as ever. Yup, that’s 4th of July for you..

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