Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Swimming


On July 1st after all the pink truck hoopla, we decided to check out our hotel pool. Cassidy decided to go to Karchner caverns with my parents, so I will have to add pictures of that later. She had a great time.


…But then again, so did we!!! We tried out our cheapy underwater camera---success. We found out that when I try to smile and open my eyes underwater, I look like the devil! We don’t need to add any picture proof to that.


Morgan remembered that he likes to fling his 13-year-old son around.


We accidently were twinners in red suits. You had to be there to really see how amazing we looked! he he


Then Lund remembered that he can pick up his whole daddy as long as they stayed underwater. oooooooo…..cute…little….baby daddy……with a whole lot of facial hair!


So we can have fun swimming without little children all over us…seeee..


And this weird Golum-like stance is because I was trying to show you how awesome my nails looked for the “pink truck” day!


Oh, that’s better—I just had to zoom in!

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