Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you need me, I will be on my boat!

Enough Said... see you on the high seas of insanity!

p.s. if your wondering why I made this boat??? I am wondering that too!!! It was an example pirate ship for our pack meeting and the directions on the pre-packaged, all ready to go pirate ship kits I bought said "Very easy, simple project!" (Maybe if you work for NASA). After two hours of re-drilling out the holes to fit better and lots of yelling and breaking of dowels, this is what I completed... the S.S. Insanity..

p.s.s. we didn't end up doing this for our pack meeting on Tuesday night, instead I felt that everyone needed to experience the insanity for themselves so I gave each boy a pre-packaged, ready to go pirate ship and said... "Have fun!!!!" he! he! I can't wait until the parents start calling me with hate calls.... I will just tell them it builds character or something...

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