Thursday, February 13, 2014

January in the Johnson house, both versions…

The Party Version! 
                                          January started out like a party waiting to be exploded!

And party we did......skiiball betts and bowling dancing.

And it looks like Will grabbed a cigarette and started shooting it up(sucker in mouth?)
DSC_0034Everyone (except Cassidy who was reading)
DSC_0060butterflies and lovely times!DSC_0058awwwwww! how cute!

And then entered the evil January ..................... The stomach flu, not just the regular flu, the one that can devastate a whole household in a few days. I had to run to my parents house and hide for a couple of days till that flu wore off. And then the cough hit the fam.......started as a nice light cough and ended up with pneumonia in mom that has hung around till blew past 2 antibiotics without even a wink.    Can we all say goodbye Janurary!!!!!!!!

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