Monday, December 30, 2013

The Carpet Anniversary



Today is the 16th Anniversary of Morgan Lund Johnson and Christa Jolene Johnson. The most amazing couple the world will ever know!


And we decided that our 16th Anniversary is “New Carpet Anniversary!!!!!!!!”


Jealous!!!!! You know you are!!!!!


So soft and comfy that my son made a “carpet angel” earlier today.  Nevermind that my teenagers are watching “Dr. Who” during the photo…..just focus on the soft carpet!


Also, my friend in the ward and I decided to take some pictures for our hubbies for a Christmas present. Her daughter put make up on us and then we just went in our backyard and had some fun. I am wearing Morgan’s favorite outfit. smiles!






Thank you Sister Levi, that was a whole lot of fun!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I am jealous of the carpet, but not for the reason you think: I'm jealous that the carpet gets to hang out with you guys!!!! Love you and miss you!!

(the carpet IS beautiful by the way :)

LUND said...

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LUND said...

Oops! somehow this recipe came through and not my comment. Hmmm? Here's the comment. Enjoy the cheesecake if you like.
The carpet looks great, the photos are beautiful, both you and your backyard.
Mom Karen

Carmita said...

Love your carpet Christa! You are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

can you switch the font to something simple and put black letters on white. it is very very hard to read your blog. the letters almost dance. thanks