Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Brunch at Aunt Leesha's house....otherwise known as yummy, yummy with a side of yummy!

On Good Friday, we met at my sister's house and she hosted a brunch to die for. The menu included Creme' Brule' french toast with toasted caramelized pecans!!! Oh, this reminiscing is making me hungry!!!! Needless to say we had food, fun, and family memories. Thanks Leesh for being the hostess with the mostest!!!
I was sooo proud that my little boy still brings me flowers!!!
And this is the first "bald" picture ever taken. Lund had enough hair for both of us as he was desperately in need of getting rid of his Ralph Machio do.

And I could sit and watch this little girl forever. She is such a good baby and loves to sit in her Bumbo and just smile at everyone... Love you Raelynn!
And these two beauties are my younger sister and my niece. Kayla, who is closest to the camera is probably about 5'9 and just keeps going. It helps because she is a diehard volleyball girl!!!

And if you can't find Will, his favorite spot is his nieces, french store room. He loves to go in there and pretend it is his little domain.
Here are all the crashing kids downstairs...

And if you can't find Brody, watch out! He is probably in his cousin's indoor treehouse getting ready to protect the fort!!

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Cheeri said...

You are looking GORGEOUS my friend! Love that pink and green combo with matching head scarf! I have to ask where you got that cute denim skirt because I want to go buy one too - we can be twins :) So glad your Easter weekend was so awesome!