Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus is magic!

                     This is the scene I woke up to after taking my beloved Sunday afternoon nap:

Olympics blaring in the background and this monkey yells out to me (from the window sill), "YOU KNOW JESUS HAS MAGIC?!" This captures my full attention (unlike my 12-year old son who much preferred Women's Sand Volleyball...hummmm)
I decided to find out more so I inquired further, "Tell me about that Will....and Lund, change the channel, watching ladies run around in bikinis isn't exactly supporting the United States Olympic team"

My head turns back to Will as he casually jumps off the window sill, while bopping the cat on the head with the window cord on the way down, and replies..."Yea Mom, he has magic to make the prayers we say happen someday."    And off he goes sliding across the tile in his wet? socks.


clarisa said...

that's the problem with taking a slumber break: you never know what you're gonna wake up to. good thing is you don't know what you slept through, either. wet socks.

Becky Jaggars said...

That is such a happy way to wake up. "I love that, Jesus is magic"!!
Being home and safe!!=I know the "magic"!

Farr Family said...

I just love your Will. He always puts a smile on my face!! Much love- Kimberly