Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surf City, here we come!!! Day 3

We woke up the 3rd day sunburned and tight skinned from our previous salt water day. So we decide that we can't hit the beach all day without extreme pain and to make matters worse, Lund's eyes are so red he can't open them up in the sunlight. We tell him that he has to wear sunglasses all day, inside or out and we start sticking eye drops in his poor red eyes. So we head over to a Science Museum in the OC (Orange County) and have a ton of fun!

Of course we start the day off with S'mores! There is never a wrong time for S'mores!

Will wanted to roast his own marshmallows!
Fishing at the museum
Cassidy and Ray Charles!

A hockey simulator that was lots of fun. They were learning the "science of sports"
Lund took his turn at being a goalie while the wall shot pucks at him!
My boys working on a science experiment
Will testing out the germs at the museum

Lund laying on a bed of nails! Comfy, but weird!
My family inside a dinosaur!
Morgan in the "hurricane tunnel"
Cassidy was a little more leary in the "hurricane tunnel"

Will walking through a tornado
Cassidy braves the tornado

Sarah is a little nervous to walk through a tornado.

Morgan's body pressed up against a giant "pin wall". What a goof!

All of our hands in the pin wall.


annebabe said...

That museum looks incredible!! WoW! and poor Lund, sun burned eyes would kill. Day 3 looks super awesome Johnson clan!

shumaker clan said...

You guys look like you had a ton of fun on your trip. Vacations are always a lot of fun. Especially when the beach is involved.