Monday, September 14, 2009

Surf City, here we come!!! Day 2 part 2

Well, I had to break the second day into two parts, because after our wonderful trip to the Krispy Kreme, we came back and hit the beach for the rest of the day. Will became our "Beach Cowboy" as he ran around with my sun hat, pretending to be a cowboy. The kids braved the waves and boogey boarded their hearts out. And boy, did we get sunburned!!! Even with our 50SPF sunscreen, the sun was too much... so stay tuned to see whan we did with our burned bodies on the 3rd day! Lund hitting the waves with his boogey board
Me, after wiping out multiple times with that silly skim board!

The boys in the bright sunshine!

Will's favorite things that day, his "cowboy hat" and his Tonka truck!

My cute little man in the hole he dug for himself!
Oh, to be free and carefree like a three-year-old Beach Cowboy!


annebabe said...

Your beach cowboy is HIL-AR-RIOUS!!! such a character. Your trip sounds awesome, can't wait to hear about day 3 and the poor sunburned people.

nickndest said...

Looks like so much fun! Too bad you don't live by the beach, it looks like Lund loves the watersports.