Sunday, September 6, 2009

When we're Helping we're Happy and we sing as we go cause we love to help mother cause we love to waste all the paper towels and lots of cocoa!

Will loves to help around the house and sometimes he is a wonderful helper who hands us blocks while we make a tall tower or likes to pick up rocks in the back of his dump truck to move them for us. Then there are the other times, when I am sure his intentions are great and wonderful, but he lacks in the area of execution. As you can see in these pictures, he decided to help me clean the windows with the help of a billion paper towels. And then later that same night (he was on a roll), he decided to help make some brownies. And by help, I mean that he picked up my bag of cocoa which contains about a year supply of the blessed stuff and he dumped in on the floor. And then for some unknown reason, he danced in the fallen cocoa and then ran down the hall to get away from me... the hall with white carpet! Making beautiful brown footprints all the while! Gotta love it!!!!

This makes it look like it wasn't that much cocoa, but it was truly a "mountain" of cocoa!

trying to bathe him after the "cocoa incident"

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