Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will turns 3! (well, sort of)

Here is a picture of my cute boys!!!

Here is Will's "car cake" created by his daddy

more views of his car cake
Will was determined to watch his Daddy the whole time he was decorating the cake. He would occasionally comment "cool cake Daddy" and then just stare some more..

Morgan is trying to teach him how to peddle his Smart Cycle game thing. He didn't really get it down too well, but the other siblings loved it and played it all day long.

Let me just explain that Will is actually turning 3 on his birthday, which isn't until next Saturday. But since he is young and doesn't really know the difference and we had a lot of family time today..... He had his cake and presents today. It was just a little family thing and Will thought it was WONDERFUL! You will also notice in the pictures that he has a bit of a black eye from getting into a fight with a cushion the night before. How can you get a black eye from a cushion???? Ask Will, he seems to know!!!

We decided to give Will "crazy hair" today to celebrate the oncoming Three's!!!!


sarabowles said...

How funny! Kids are great. I love the Hair!!!! I also loved hanging out with you this week. We have to do it again.

Sassy Blogger said...

That is SO cute! He is SO adorable! We need to visit you guys again! You have such a SWEET family! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

-Shumway Bunch (Mostly Raychelle)

The Davenports said...

Yay! Happy birthday to Will! There sure are a TON of February birthdays in our ward, aren't there?!?

T. Sipes said...

Happy birthday to Will!!!! Douglas got the Smart Cycle for Christmas and loves it. It will not take long before he gets the peddling down.

annebabe said...

happy birthday will!! is 3 a magical age in your house? a lot of people have told me that 3 was the "it" year for their kids, when they understood a lot more things. 3 was okay for me, but i have LOVED 4. every kid is different, that is for sure. :0) and his hair is freakin' awesome.

Sarah M Eden said...

Loved the cake! My kids are lucky to get a lopsided over-cooked pan of cake-like food on their birthdays. My 8-year old told me on his last birthday, "It's okay, Mom. The frosting helps it go down better." Thanks. I bought the frosting.