Monday, January 5, 2009

No worse for the Wear

On December 30th, Morgan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary and might I say, it has been a wonderful 11 years!

I am posting a pictures of "Mad Dog"', a stuffed dog that Morgan gave to be when I was sick before we got married. It shows that after 11 years and lots of love (I sleep with him every night, Mad Dog and Morgan that is), he and our marriage is still going strong. Now, luckily you can't see the "before" shot of him in his youth. He was a wonderfully fluffy dog and Morgan had even made a paper stethascope to go around him. He may be saggy in places, but aren't we all! He knows that he is loved! Also, I am putting a picture of Morgan celebrating 11 wonderful years! (Actually this picture was taken a couple of days before our anniversary when Morgan was about to perform his fourth wedding as Bishop). Still, the sentiments ring true!


The Davenports said...

Why doesn't he do that dance at church?? So Sam just saw me reading your blog and he got really excited when I scrolled down to the picture of Morgan and was saying "Bishop" over and over again.

Heather said...

This is Heather Larson. I just found your blog, thanks to the expert help of my husband. Anyway, we would love to have you guys come and visit. We will probably be moving the beginning of June or so, so make sure it is before then. By the way, I love the blog, I didn't know you guys had one.

Farr Family said...

Congrats! I can't believe it has been 11 years. That's so awesome. I still remember when you got married. How time flies when you have fun!