Sunday, January 11, 2009

The other version of the "Noah's Ark Story"

Now, I know that you have all heard the story about Noah and his Ark, but I don't think you have heard it told by a couple of little boys... So sit back and let me enlighten you...
Will (almost 3-years-old)
Colter (3-years-old)
Mom (30-year-old intruiged mom)

Mom enters room quietly trying not to disrupt the ongoing commentary by Will and Colter regarding Mom's ark on the piano. (sidenote: the kids aren't supposed to touch this lovely ark because it is MY decoration, but come on, a huge boat and lots of animals, hum, that isn't going to last long)... o.k. back to ongoing story...

Mom quietly listenes to the boys telling this story.

Colter holding Noah: " I am Jesus and you need to get on the boat!"

Will holding airplane: "Airplane is giong to crash!!!"

Colter yelling at animals: "Get on the boat!!!"

Will crashing airplane into ark: "Airplane crash on boat. AAAAGGGGG! The animals!!!"

Colter: "Animals, Jesus says jump from the boat!!"

So, this is how the real story goes! And now you can see why the animals are trying to leap from all sides of the boat. Interesting what goes through a little boys head!

Here is the setting of the story... our piano and Noah's Ark sitting unsuspecting on top.

You can see where the airplane crashed and all the animals are in the process of attempting their jumps. I wonder how many will survive?

All we can figure is that this monkey is mad at Noah (Jesus??)


bek said...

where do they come up with this stuff? are paul and beth teaching them funny stories in nursery? he he i love it that they're starting to have conversations behind our backs. that ark scene never had so much action on my piano! glad the animals have a life now! :)

shumaker clan said...

so funny. I have to admit that I am surprised that the ark is still up there at all. My kids do not seem to know what it belongs to mommy do not touch means. Oh well.

The Davenports said...

hahahaha! That's awesome! I love the Zebras practically hanging out the windows...

nickndest said...

Yes, I didn't tell you that Colter has his own religion. He thinks Jesus is mean, and he will bite him. And that he is too young to be a child of God. Also we read the book of norman.