Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mermaids are real, I have seen them with my own two eyes…..



Sarah had a goal this summer. Not your ordinary “save 10 dollars and buy a barbie” kind of goal. Nope, not Sarah! Sarah wanted to become a mermaid! Not wanting to burst her bubble, I let her set up her plan and supported her. She looked up on pinterest and the internet and lo and behold, you can turn yourself into a mermaid! But it was really expensive! Then Sarah found a mermaid tail that someone had made all by their self and she was unstoppable!


She went to JoAnn’s online and calculated how much it would cost for the special kind of material she would have to buy. And she saved….


…She even took back her brand new rollerblades that she got for her birthday and used the money to buy the monofin she needed.


The end result blew me away! SHE BECAME…


A MERMAID!!!!! Never doubt a 10-year-old with a dream!


Her friend also made one and they had many great times pretending away! Love you Sarah!


Samantha said...

Utterly beautiful, I cannot swim but still would love to be a mermaid

Pam said...

Sarah is amazing...and the only living mermaid I know :)