Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family Reunion in Ventura, California circa late July, 2003



      These are the “original Johnson’s”.     

                            Here are their stats:

*Two people started all this madness: Lund and Karen Johnson

1st born in the wilderness: Alicia Garino

coming along in 2nd: Emily Johnson

the trio-maker: Juliet Johnson

Numero Cuatro: Charice Johnson

First Male: Morgan Johnson

Back to the girls: Heather Wilson

Not too far behind comes: Bonnie Hynes

We aren’t done yet…Another dude: Warren Johnson

Followed by the last guy :Kimball Johnson

And last, but not least, the photographer: Ruth Crozier

That’s right:  10 children and one poor mama! Smiles! It has actually been rumored that Karen my have wanted 12…but you know how rumors are!



This is our crew! I sure do love these gifts from heaven, two girls and two boys. Oldest: Cassidy , Next  in line, just a year younger comes Lund, and then we have the youngins: Sarah and Will.


The three Johnson boys: Warren, Kimball, and MoJo


Yep, count them: Still 10 amazing humans!

DSC_2661-35Here is my clan at our favorite tree in Ventura, California.


See now how HUGE this tree is!! Maybe we should name her “Mother” like “Mother Nature”


Oh no!!!! Can Mother take this many people at one time? !  Sure,  just throw a few of them up higher!


Here are the Wiemer Grandparents representing my family: Hi Mom and Dad!


crazy family picture!! Need I say more?!

DSC_2813-75All these 4 guys have the name “Lund” in their names: From the youngest: Kason Lund Crozier,  Next we have the teenager: Lund Ryan Johnson and his father: Morgan Lund Johnson, and then the “Grand Poohbah”, Lund Morgan Johnson. Are you confused yet?

DSC_2824-78And now I introduce 3 young men who were born within the same year. Oldest: Elliot Hynes (long sleeved). Then Will Johnson is in the leafy tree-tops. And the youngest is Christain Hegstrum with his hands in the shape of a heart. 

DSC_2852-86Hey it is Sarah, I know her!


Don’t know who that lady is?

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