Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, you DID ask for it!!!

 Yup that is right, this is all your fault! You have been asking me what we have been up to the past couple of weeks and now you can't get mad at me when I tell you that there are 84 pictures in this post...... fo' real!!!

Let's get stared with some BMX action at the Chandler 100th birthday party. Lund LOVES BMX tricks and these guys were AMAZING! Double backflips and all the other whatnots they do on those small bikes. An awesome show to watch, even if you are wearing a tutu!

And here is the ramp that Lund wants to build in our backyard....Hey, we can't all be Uncle Warren!

Lund and I posing with an old fashioned Chandler firetruck. As you can see, he has officially confiscated my pink Converse shoes. Who would have thunk it?!
All right ladies and gentlemen, get your mouth ready and watering for the next few pics. Here you see our WHOLE CROP of corn this year! We saved it for a family get-together so it could all be devoured at once. Too bad we overcooked it a bit! Still delicious though.
And this was the runt of the litter........................awwwwwwwwwwwww, so cute!!!!!!!
By the way, we have cherry tomatoes coming out of our ears! Careful, Will took this saying literally the other day and was very confused.
Oh, and did you know that our son is the Chosen One? See, he has the sign of the eclipse on his head.
And since I have to eat,  I might as well eat with friends from high school that I haven't seen in a kabillion years. Such a fun lunch!
School draws to an end this year with Sarah being in a cute classroom play called "Mrs. Add-bad"
 Sarah did very well and the play was amazingly adorable as you can see.
Sarah loved her teacher Ms. Kapp this year. Thanks for all the knowledge you stuck to her brain!
And one of her best buds, Sydney, was in her class this year too. They really had a great year together.
And the last day for Will meant that he got to wear THIS shirt to school....
............... and wear "excited" hair because he was in desperate need of  a hair cut.
That's right! Good-bye Kindergarten! Hello.........Kindergarten.  Yup, Will is going to repeat so he can perfect his scholarly knowledge of things such as letters, colors, and maybe even paying attention to a teacher.
 But enough of that scholarly stuff, let's work on our hamma' skills!

They made an ice cream truck at Lowe's the first week of summer and are very excited for the next project....A Monkey Powered Airplane.............hummmmmmmmmm
Morgan was born with a disability called a "green thumb" but we still love him and are reaping the benefits of his disorder.

Where's Waldo?

This picture so resembles summer!

Morgan also has a "tree tick" to go along with his green thumb malady. This picture will help us see how tall this tree, (and this boy), become.

This summer we decided to invest in bowling shoes for all the kids and myself. For two reasons.....a) bowling is free everyday of the summer if you know the right people. Well, you can also go to and sign your kids up too. b) the bowling alleys are air conditioned! Enough said!
 Will is loving the bumper lanes. Actually, truthfully, we are all enjoying the bumper lanes!
Sometimes it takes a while for the ball to get down the lane......................
 And this teenager is kicking our cans this summer! I better work on my game! And my trash-talking too since she seems to be a natural.  (hey, we all have to be good at somethin')
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
No explanation needed........

Will loves to dance after an extremely good roll, or an extremely bad one too!
And Cassidy is all about trying new things. New weird things!
And get ready for summer crafts. If the kids do a good job on their chores for two days in a row, then we get to draw out of the.............SUPER SECRET BOX!!!!!
Can you guess what they drew first? Building structures or whatnots with toothpicks, mini mallows and bendy straws. Let the good times roll!
Sometimes the best kids ever aren't really kids, just bearded 36-year-olds!
It's a.........................a..................a.......beautiful structure Cass!
A true "stick figure"
And this guy is creative AND scary
Tall people are citizens too in Willsville
And I built a game of soccer for these guys until I figured out they don't have any legs......minor details.
A family tradition is walking to breakfast on Memorial Day. We headed over to Bruegger's Bagels again this year.
I rode my cruiser on the way over with Will on his bike..........but then a teenager stole it from me, and she looked WAY more adorable on it, so she got to ride it home.

Oh, and guess what Will is learning how to do this summer? That's right, he is working on building "Poop Mountain"! And that is how you trick a creative six-year-old to scoopa da poopa!
And with the start of the summer, the FlowRider lessons also start for my teens...

.......and sometimes you wreck, just like in life.
Will is still stuck over in swim lessons this year since he still needs to master all his strokes.
But my son just happens to be an adorable flirt......................
........and his instructors always love him.
And back to the surf simulator..............

They will be sooooooo ready for California surfin' in a few weeks!!!! Wahoooooooo!
Back to another day at the Lanes...........
Grandma Wiemer loves to bowl and hang out with the grandkids. (careful, she is also a talented bowler)
Careful Kade, your face might get stuck that way!
Way to bowl Lund! High fives all around!
Oh boy, Kade is always up for more faces.................
.....................and more silliness!!!!! Classy!
Lund likes to bring buddies ..................... all around!
Here is the line up from this weeks' bowling expedition......................
Cousin Kade, Cassidy, Sarah, Cousin Candin, Will, Cousin Cooper, Lund, and friend Matthew

So, now that you have seen a gazillion pictures and I have successfully burned about three hours off the clock, please stay tuned for more wonderful moments of Summer Sizzle!!!! I sure do love all of you, by the way!!!


Farr Family said...

Your family always has so much fun!!! I love all your great ideas!! We love you lots!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

That picture of Lund with the eclipse shadow is the coolest thing I've ever seen!! Fun times at the Johnson house! I am totally stealing your toothpick marshmallow fun! That's great!

LUND said...

This is a mammoth blog and action packed, to say the least. Your kids are very lucky to have such an active mom.

Amber said...

Love the pictures! And LOVE the garden! I hope we do even half as well as it looks like you're doing!

clarisa said...

shame when i came to the end. write more. with pics. this is good stuff, yo.

Alexis said...

I LOVE your "family picture" in the Brueggers window! you are so clever:)