Monday, May 21, 2012

A Belated Birthday Blog, better known as a BBB

Sarah turns 9 and I FINALLY am blogging about it!!! 
 I simply cannot believe that my sweet, brown-eyed baby girl can be this old!!! But nine-years-ago (from May 2nd), Sarah entered this world and took her first breath. It turned out that later that same day, she forgot how to breathe and decided to stop. She spent the first few days of her life in the NICU trying to remember this important little trick. But lo, and behold, she was a happy and healthy little girl. I can still remember well Lund poking her with one little finger as she lay in the incubator. He couldn't quite figure out what to do with her.
 A little about Sarah at nine-years-old... First and foremost, she LOVES animals! Not the everyday like of love, but she obsesses about them! She is always on the search of animal critters, or mending a baby bird that hurt a wing. She has been asking for a kitten for a long time and she was overjoyed to be able to pick out the one she wanted. And she must have the magic touch because she sure picked out the best kitten that I have ever met. She loves kittens so much, that I finally let her get one even though I am allergic to them. I simply remember each morning to take my Claritin and we all get along just fine.
 Sarah also made invitations to her "party" unbeknownst to my husband and myself.  (I didn't know we where having a party). Luckily she only invited three friends, so I only had to scramble a bit to make things work out. But all she really wanted was to have a few friends over to share in her glorious day.
And Sarah only had two things on her list this year: A kitten and a Butterfly Habitat. (Both are living presents, hummmm). She was overjoyed when Papa Lund and Gramma Karen got her the very habitat she was asking for. My parents gave her money to buy kitty stuff and she was just in animal heaven!

But alas, the pictures have distracted me from telling you more about my sweetie. Right now she likes: Animals, coloring, jumping on the trampoline, swimming with friends, reading or listening to audiobooks. She loves Otter Pops and macoroni and cheese (her requested dinner on her birthday. Not "ordinary" mac and cheese, the Bonnie Hynes homemade version). She loves rollerblading and is getting used to playing the piano regularly. She has AMAZING penmanship and is an A student in the 2nd grade. She is the friendliest, kindest girl I know. She will give you whatever you ask for, so don't take advantage of that! She has the HUGEST heart and will cry if she knows that someone else is being mistreated, (human or animal). She is my cuddlebug and would cuddle with me as I read aloud to her for hours if I let her. She also draws the most adorable cartoons you have ever seen. Her pictures just have sooooo much character, I don't know how she does it. We laugh everytime!
We sure do love you Sarah! I know Topsy will be sooooo glad that you are her owner!!!


LUND said...

You did a great jpb pf describing the Sarah we know and love.
Grama and Papa

clarisa said...

it's so cool to learn so much about her so quickly. happy birthday sarah!

Bonnie Hynes said...

You are amazing Sara! We all love you, and Lucy wants to skype with you as much as she can! We'll have to do that this summer for sure! Love you all!