Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And onto our next act...

Recently, our family had the opportunity to attend a Magic Show at our ward building. I knew we had a "Real Magician" in our ward boundary, but I was AMAZED at how good he was!
  Lund has been really getting into magic lately and was thrilled to see the show. The Magician's son, Matthew, is one of Lund's best buddies, so they got to set up the show and take it down, and they were shown quite a few neat little tricks.

 Maybe I just don't get out much, but anytime you can ride a unicycle with a blindfold over your eyes AND juggle swords, you have made the "awesome" category in my book!
 This poor Sister Missionary didn't know what was coming when she was pulled from the audience, but she was such a trooper, even with a sword stuck in her neck! I think she will attract more attention when tracting with a sword protruding out of her neck.
 And Sarah was so excited when she was pulled from the audience to "help" with a trick. She waved her magic wand with gusto!! (she is the one on the far right in pink)
It was an amazing experience and the magician really focused on teaching the kids in the audience that it all comes with practice, practice, practice.............. and a little bit of magic!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

Not going to lie i think I would be a little afraid if that guy was throwing sword without riding a unicycle, and without being BLINDFOLDER!! WHAT??? okay! i would be running for the door for sure! hahah! But it looks like you guys had a very impressive evening! I love how your kids are always so enthusiastic! soo cute!! Love them and love you guys! Miss you SOO much!!

clarisa said...

he is good, huh? having connections is niiiiiiice.