Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm still here!

I am so far behind on my blogging that it isn't even funny! I am not quite sure what happened to me, but it all just seemed to fall out of my head as the school year winds down and the weather is over 100 degrees. But I am determined to try for my posterity sake to get back on the horse. But due to my delay, I won't be putting as many details about certain events as I usually do, just to get the ball rolling.
    First off, in late April, my mom and I had the chance to attend Women's Conference in Provo, Utah at the BYU campus. It was quite the experience and one I would LOVE to attend each year and make a tradition.
Here you can see my mom and I below the Y Mountain.
 And the weather was beautiful and very cold! We stayed at my mom's friend's house in Highland, Utah and this is a view from their front door. Beautiful and freezing, that is how I will remember it!
 On the last day, we got to hang out with Ryan (my little brother), and his new wife Kirstan. They are renting the most adorable little house in Provo just a short distance from the campus. They are both attending the Y and working and getting scholarships as well. Way to go guys!!! I still can't believe that my little brother is getting so old!

I took A LOT of notes at each of the classes that I attended and learned so much that my ears almost popped right off! (since my head was so full!)


LUND said...

Yeah for updating. Provo looks beautiful and the magician is amazing!
Thanks for sharing.
Mom Karen

clarisa said...

no wonder you don't have time for blogging, you're too busy running around the world! how fun!