Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adorable AND quirky!

I have an adorably quirky girl that I love so dearly . And today I am going to present two reasons why she is so quirky. 
Evidence #1
 While camping a few weeks ago, Sarah declared that she was going to make a raccoon trap! And she set to work. And work she did. A rock in the crook of the stick to balance the weight. A trail of oranges leading to the "trap", and of course, peeled oranges inside the "trap"

Evidence #2

A simple message of strength on a friends wall? Not to Sarah!  While in Bagdad at our friends' house we were all on the couch talking and Sarah came in and tugged on my arm. Whispering loudly in my ear, she urgently said, "MOM, you HAVE to come see this!!! Come on, come on!!" I excused myself and Sarah led me into their sons bedroom. I didn't see anything intriguing, but she was jumping up and down and pointing at the wall. (see above) I thought it was a great message on the wall and I was confused.  I told her that I thought it looked nice. Her eyes widened and she proclaimed "BE VIOLENT! BE VIOLENT ISN'T VERY NICE MOM!"

Oh, how we love our quirky gal!

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clarisa said...

love your girl and love the cute idea of the saying. the trap's the best!:)but i hope she didn't catch anything to creepy!