Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Camping We Will go!

A couple of weeks ago we went camping with our family at our old stomping grounds near Bagdad, Arizona.  We decided that it was time to get the pop-up out on the road. We were actually going to sell our pop-up because we hadn't used it since moving to the Valley. We even put it on Craig's List and had a few offers. Then we called a family council and the kids FREAKED OUT! They didn't want to sell the pop up at all EVER!!! So, instead we decided to put more effort into using the pop-up.  And there you have it....
I think that sometimes trees can be so beautiful!

And of course, since we were only 15 minutes away from Bagdad, we spent the majority of Saturday having fun with our friends. Isn't it interesting that whenever kids get on the trampoline they think they have to wrestle each other to the ground?
And when you are the youngest kiddo on the tramp, you REALLY better be quick on your feet. Lund looks like he is going to eat Will for dinner.
But, when you are jumping with friends, you always find the kids' constantly smiling!
Poor Will!
And that is when you need a sister who loves you to watch over you. I ADORE this picture!
And yet, there they are, a few minutes later............FRIENDS FOR LIFE!

And now, back at the camp spot, the kids decided to climb straight up a steep mountain face. Not a very good idea. Morgan had to go up and rescue quite a few of the kiddos.
Campfire friends are truly awesome! They are dirty and sticky, and the best kind of friends to have.
Thank you friends for making our camping trip one to remember! Oh, how we love you all.

I guess we won't sell our pop up after all!


clarisa said...

love that your kids get to have a say in the family affairs. too much fun!

LUND said...

Looks like TONS of fun and lots of wholesome recreational family activities.